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The people in Bud Sonnentag’s article, “Ten people who have screwed up hunting in Nevada”, are the reason we have lost the majority of our deer. In addition, they are responsible for the mess that has been created in Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). All of the people Bud listed were in a position to make NDOW a better agency. They had the power to do this but they chose not to.


The question is “Why”? Was it stupidity, selfishness or power? Was it not caring or being protected by an elected official? Each of these individuals failed the sportsmen in their own way. Let’s review them and see what category they fell into.

Number 1: Willie Molini. He was being protected by Governor Bob Miller and Senator Bill Raggio. For this reason he could do whatever he wanted and nothing (like termination) was going to happen to him. He was right.

Number 2: Governor Bob Miller. The former governor should go in the “care less” category. He could care less about sportsmen’s concerns. If it wasn’t a basketball, it wasn’t
considered a sport to him.

Number 3: Terry Crawforth. Another individual who could be placed in the “care less” category. He could not have cared less about the Game Bureau. All that mattered to him was more law enforcement.

Number 4: Governor Kenny Guinn. Strictly power. As governor no one is going to do anything to him other than print the truth about his not caring about sportsmen’s issues.

Number 5: Senator Bill Raggio. Absolutely the worst abuse of power an individual could have. His attitude was “ to hell with everyone and everything. I‘m the lord and master.” To sportsmen, he was the supreme bad politician.


Number 6: Wildlife Commissioner Bill Bradley. As a wildlife commissioner, he relished the power but could have cared less about representing the sportsmen which he didn’t do for ten years while on the Commission.

Number 7: Jelindo Tiberti. Bud Sonnentag could not have stated it any better. “Stuck on stupid” for ten years as a wildlife commissioner.

Number 8: Larry Johnson. Larry made the list for pure selfishness. He would do whatever NDOW wanted him to do even if it wasn’t the best thing for sportsmen’s interests, just for a little recognition for himself.

Number 9: Clint Bentley. As one sportsman so appropriately stated, “When it comes to Clint Bentley representing sportsmen, he must have frontal lobe damage.” I guess that falls under the stupidity class.

Numbers Nine and Ten: Wildlife Commissioners Tommy Ford and John Moran. This one was very easy. It was pure and simple selfishness. In the end, nine years will be lost of getting this agency headed in another direction just so they could get their buddy Clint Bentley on the Wildlife Commission.


In this newsletter, HUNTER’S
ALERT stated who caused our wildlife problems and for what reasons. All problems have solutions and we will reveal the solutions in the next newsletter. You are going to read it only in the HUNTER’S ALERT newsletter or on the HUNTER’S ALERT website. Keep yourself informed and don’t miss either opportunity.

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