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Bud Says - January 9th 2006

Written by Bud
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As noted in the Draft Minutes of the May 14, 2005 Wildlife Commission meeting, then Chairman Tommy Ford had this to say about departing Wildlife commissioner Bill Bradley. Commissioner Bradley will be missed when the legislature reconvenes and he (Ford) asked him to stay on the Legislative Committee and he agreed to do so. 

Mr. Ford, what will be missed? Will it be the 33 percent increase on license and tag fees that Commissioner Bradley worked on? Will it be his thirteen pages of new harassing laws he wanted passed? By the way, Mr. Ford, one of the laws was to search your house without a warrant. Another was that if you disobeyed a biologist, you could be cited or arrested. As chairman, you must have agreed with these proposed harassing laws.Or will it be the fact that on two separate surveys, sportsmen wanted predator control implemented and the pleas fell on Bill Bradley’s deaf ears?

It was because of Bill Bradley that Assembly Bill 226 was proposed. It would have set a two term limit for Wildlife commissioners. I testified in favor of this bill because of commissioners like yourself, Bradley and others. It is too bad that the bill did not pass as people like yourself and Bradley were appointed to the Commission to represent sportsmen. In my assessment and judgment of this matter, you have both failed the sportsmen.

The Commission is great at handing out bogus awards to each other. So why not name the million dollar, not needed Overton Interpretive Center after you for not representing sportsmen.

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