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Editorial 2006 Spring

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If there is any hope at all for Nevada sportsmen, it is the November election and the 2007 legislative session. The mess sportsmen have been handed by the last two governors and their appointments to the Wildlife Commission can be overcome. To achieve this, it will take sportsmen to get involved. This will not require any of your money, only a few minutes of your time.


In order to make the necessary changes, we need to elect a governor who is a hunter. The last year sportsmen in Nevada had a governor who hunted was in 1979. In reality, hunters have been neglected for over 25 years! Unlike our current governor, Jim Gibbons will not lie to the sportsmen. He wants our deer brought back, again unlike our current governor, Kenny Guinn who has done nothing about this for eight years.


Another area of great concern to sportsmen is the damage that ravens and coyotes do to game birds and animals. A treaty with Mexico protects ravens so this is a federal issue. For that reason, we need to elect Dawn Gibbons. She is well aware of the damage being done and will secure funding on the federal level to correct this problem. Her pledge to Nevada sportsmen can be read on page 5 of this newsletter.


The next item sportsmen need to get involved with is getting laws passed. Once again there is no expense to you, only a few minutes of your time. Assemblyman Jerry Claborn has been a hunter most of his life and he is more than well aware of our diminishing deer herds. Now is the time to respond to his questionnaire on his website. A sample of this questionnaire can be seen on page XX of this newsletter.


And finally, you need to get involved in the 2007 legislative session. Again there is no expense to you, just a few minutes of your time. It can be in the form of a letter, a phone call, fax or email. In the legislative session, there will be some very important bills to bring back our deer. These bills will need your support. NDOW and the Wildlife Commission will have their usual bills which will consist of higher fees, more rules and regulations and of course nothing for game enhancement. For the most part, these are the bills we need to defeat. The choice is really simple. Do you want to get involved to make the necessary changes or continue going downhill as has been the case for years. It’s your choice. Do it or lose it.

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