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Hunters Alert Right Again!

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In the last newsletter, we reprinted a letter from Bud Sonnentag to NDOW director Terry Crawforth requesting information. In the same newsletter, we stated also that we wouldn’t get any straight answers from him. HUNTER’S ALERT wanted to prove Terry Crawforth would rather spend money on law enforcement personnel than on biologists. You can see how he ducked and dodged the questions by his evasive answers. Following are the questions with Terry Crawforth’s responses.

BS:       Since you have been the administrator/director of NDOW, how many game convictions have there been which are directly attributed to the policy of letting game wardens take vehicles home?

TC:      We do not track how many convictions result from game wardens taking home vehicles.

BS:       I am also requesting the total overtime costs for the game wardens in the last three years as compared to the biologists’ overtime.

TC:      We do not maintain lists of overtime accrued by groups of employees.

BS:       How many wardens have been hired in the same time frame?

TC:      Since I have been director, several game wardens have been hired or transferred to vacancies due to retirement.

Don’t the answers tell you something about Terry Crawforth’s character or lack thereof? By his decision to not directly answer questions posed to him, it should prove how sleazy he is, yet the Wildlife commissioners and the governor continue to support him. It doesn’t say much for their character either, does it? This is how corrupt government works. There something wrong with this system.

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