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Wildlife Commissioners fail Nevada sportsmen

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In the past, HUNTER’S ALERT has been critical of some of the Wildlife commissioners, particularly the five who were appointed to represent sportsmen. Representation of sportsmen has been almost non-existent on their part. When you read the series of articles entitled It Happened that Way, it will upset most sportsmen.

Why did it take a private citizen like Bud Sonnentag to research the reason that the mountain lion’s status was forced upon Nevada’s sportsmen. Bud Sonnentag spent a great deal of his own money and time to learn the truth about making the mountain lion a big game animal. Why hasn’t one of the so-called “sportsmen’s” representatives on the Wildlife Commission dug up this information? The reason is simple: They don’t give a damn about our deer herds. The director, Terry Crawforth, has proven that he doesn’t care and the Wildlife commissioners (puppets) do whatever Crawforth wants.

The sportsmen’s representatives on the Wildlife Commission would never make any changes for enhancement of our deer if it were in any real way controversial. Now that HUNTER’S ALERT has printed the information, what are NDOW and the commissioners going to do about it? They will do what they do best, nothing. Real fighters for sportsmen!

In the 2001 legislative session, HUNTER’S ALERT sponsored Senate Bill 30. This bill would have removed the mountain lion from big game animal status. Who testified against the bill? A person who is now on the Wildlife Commission. That person is none other than Clint Bentley, a so-called sportsmen’s representative on the Commission. How is that for non-representation for sportsmen.

Another measure was proposed to do something about mountain lions and Clint Bentley cast the deciding vote to kill that petition. This is how Clint Bentley has been representing sportsmen for years. Clint Bentley’s
idea of representing sportsmen is working on a water project which makes it easier for the lions to kill desert bighorn sheep. Clint Bentley, like the majority of the Wildlife commissioners only want to do “feel good” things. They wouldn’t
think of standing up for sportsmen if it involved a little bit of a fight. It will take concerned citizens like Bud Sonnentag to make some long overdue necessary changes, not a weak-kneed director and Wildlife Commission.

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