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Time for Larry to go!

Written by Bud
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In the April-June, 2006 NBU (Nevada Bighorns Unlimited) newsletter, Larry Johnson wrote an article entitled "NDOW-An Agency in Crisis".   HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association have stated this for seventeen years. If it takes a person seventeen years to figure this out, that person is not very smart about wildlife issues. That is why it is time for Larry to go. Below are excerpts from Larry’s article and HUNTER’S ALERT’S response.


LJ: The Department (NDOW) is also its worst enemy in this crisis. It’s (sic) priorities, as well as budget, are simply upside down. In spite of a reported hiring freeze last year, additional wardens were hired, and a new position for public relations was added.

HA: Where have you been for the last seventeen years? HUNTER’S ALERT has been saying this for years but you have been NDOW’s staunchest supporter. Did it take you this long to figure out that Terry Crawforth was a liar?

LJ: Unfortunately NDOW is held in low esteem by the legislature.

HA: NDOW should be held in low esteem, not only by the legislature but by every sportsman in Nevada. For the last eight years under Terry Crawforth, their priority has been more rules, more regulations and higher fees. They are making their own laws using the Nevada Administrative Code and bypassing the legislative process. In addition, NDOW wants to raise fees without the legislature’s consent.

LJ: If we simply had more hunting and fishing opportunities, we would be generating more revenue by putting more sportsmen in the field.

HA: Larry, you must have been sleeping in the Lehman Caves for the last seventeen years. Mule deer are the number one revenue producer in the Game Division and we have lost 70 percent of our deer and the revenues that go with that loss. If you read the article in this newsletter entitled, "Wildlife Commissioners should resign" you’ll see just how bad it is.

LJ: Without significant changes in course, we cannot support any increase in fees.

HA: Did it take you seventeen years to realize this? HUNTER’S ALERT has stated for years that a new direction was needed in NDOW.

LJ: NBU and the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife have a policy of not being publicly critical of NDOW. We work within the system and affect change by logical input presented in a professional manner.

HA: Hey, that’s a great philosophy, Larry. NDOW is broke and in disarray so rather than attempt to clean up the corruption, you merely approve of it. Corruption does not clean itself up, Larry. Wake up!

LJ: An audit of NDOW was proposed in the last legislative session. We at the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife opposed this bill since a legislative-ordered audit would have to be paid for in that fiscal year.

HA: This is the biggest whopper in your article. I was there when you presented this pack of lies. As usual, you probably testified against it because NDOW wanted you to testify against it as you have done so many times in the past. I requested the testimony of AB3, the bill to audit NDOW. In that testimony, Chairman Claborn asked the following to Paul Townsend who, by the way, is an auditor for the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

Chairman Claborn:

"Mr. Townsend, can you tell us what it would cost to have this done (the audit)?"

Paul Townsend:

"We do not charge agencies for our audit, but we do participate in the statewide cost allocation plan. Looking at other audits, I would estimate the cost to be $125,000."

Chairman Claborn:

"Would that be in increments? Could you tell us how that is paid off?"

Paul Townsend:

"To avoid having agencies take a large one time hit, the cost of our audit is allocated over a period of seven years."

Chairman Claborn:

"That would be one year increments for seven years, and they would begin in 2009, is that correct?"

Paul Townsend:

"Yes, Mr. Chairman. There is generally a two year lag from the time an audit is completed to when it finds its way into the plan, so it would begin in approximately 2009."

Assemblyman Grady:

"If we pass this bill, the Department would be subject to the charges of roughly $125,000 spread over seven years. If we do not pass this bill, they will still be subject to those same charges."

Paul Townsend:

"That is correct. There is no difference."

LJ: Audits merely check bookkeeping practices and do not analyze the priorities and policies of the agency.

HA: Another whopper on your part, Larry. You don’t know what you are talking about. Larry, you need to quit shooting from the hip and start stating facts if you are going to testify. On February 21, 2005, at a hearing on AB3, Assemblyman Jerry Claborn presented proof that NDOW had not been audited since 1998. Assemblyman Claborn stated, "As you can see in this report, the audit found some weaknesses in the oversight and administration. For example, evidence of improper practices of financial administration in inadequate fiscal records with respect to the game draw is noted in the 1998 audit report. Twelve recommendations were made in order to improve the division’s control over wildlife revenues in compliance with the laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and contract requirements." Larry, if you watch any of the judge programs on television, you would learn when you lie, you loose your credibility. That’s exactly what you have done and many legislators know this.

LJ: If sportsmen stand together, we will prevail. If we remain divisive, our sport and all wildlife will suffer.

HA: Larry, you conveniently forgot, so you need to go back and read the minutes of the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife steering committee meeting July 12, 1993 in which the Coalition stated,

"The steering committee reaffirmed opposition to extending membership to HUNTER’S ALERT, Nevada Hunters Association or Nevada State Rifle & Pistol Association." You stated these groups are counterproductive. Yeah Larry, that’s standing together alright. These three exemplary organizations would gladly match their achievements with what your Coalition has done anytime you would like to do so. All you have done is rubberstamp Willie Molini and Terry Crawforth for the last seventeen years and now look at the end results.

By the way, Larry, when you testified against AB3, did you poll all of the sportsmen’s organizations you claim to represent? I find it hard to believe that any sportsmen’s organization would not care how sportsmen’s money was being spent. NDOW has constantly been in debt because of their mismanagement. Is this the direction a sportsmen’s organization should be proud of? It is, if you are Larry Johnson.

HUNTER’S ALERT proposed a bill to replace the conservation position on the Wildlife Commission with an accountant. You testified against this bill. Now NDOW is broke so you are part of the problem. At the September 1997 Wildlife Commission meeting in Henderson, Nevada, you proclaimed that "our deer are coming back". So much for your knowledge on Nevada’s wildlife issues. You will say whatever NDOW wants you to say so if Nevada sportsmen keep following you, NDOW will continue to be in disarray, broke and with no mule deer to boot. HUNTER’S ALERT has been saying for seventeen years that NDOW was being mismanaged and you have fought us all the way.

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