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Want it Both Ways

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In our last newsletter, HUNTER’S ALERT stated the mountain lion was not a big game animal. Our proof was that the mountain lion’s reclassification on May 22, 1965 was rendered invalid by Deputy Attorney General Peter Breen on December 12, 1967, case number 472. Their opinion was very clear on this issue.

When Bud Sonnentag presented these facts to the Wildlife Commission, it was forwarded to the Attorney General’s office. What was the Attorney General’s reply? "Please be informed that Attorney General opinions are not law and thus not binding on any court of law or agency." This is true, however, government agencies like NDOW request these opinions. When the AG issues an opinion they like, they use it. If it is an opinion that is not favorable to them, they disregard it. That is plain and simple, using AG opinions both ways.

Bud Sonnentag believes this is government at its worst. He has hired a private investigator to research this misfeasance and malfeasance. The complete report of this investigation will be made public on the HUNTER’S ALERT website, in the next HUNTER’S ALERT newsletter and the U.S. Observer newspaper. HUNTER’S ALERT has been telling you how corrupt Nevada government is and this is just another example.

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