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Wildlife Commissioners should resign!!!

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It keeps getting worse for Nevada deer hunters. Of course, the Wildlife commissioners are oblivious to this problem. They could care less about our declining deer numbers. That is a fact.

In addition, they don’t know what to do about this. Because of their gross negligence, if they had any conscience at all, they would tender their resignations. Here is proof of their failure to act.

In NDOW’s own Big Game Status Books, here are the facts:

From 1970 to 2001, the 32 year average of deer tag sales is 30,653.

The last 4 year average (2002-2005) is 16,326.

This is a loss of 14,327 per year from 2002 to 2005.

A Nevada resident spends $78 to hunt deer:

  • $33 for a license
  • $30 for a deer tag
  • $10 for an application fee
  • $3 for a predator control fee
  • $2 for an online fee

CommissionersIf you take the lost sales of 14,327 and multiply it by the total resident cost of $78 (non-residents pay even more), it amounts to $1,117,506. However, when you put that to 3 times matching funds, the amount is now $3,352,518.00 a year, which is about 15% of NDOW’s total budget. Is it any wonder they are broke? In essence, just on the mule deer sales in the last four years, they have lost $13,410,072.00. Now do you see why the Wildlife commissioners should tender their resignations?

Let’s put names to the sportsmen’s representatives who are responsible for this in the last four years. As sportsmen’s representatives, they have failed the sportsmen miserably. Bill Bradley is absolutely one of the worst. As a commissioner for ten years, he bears a lot of responsibility for our declining deer numbers because for ten years he did nothing about it. Tommy Ford was on the Wildlife Commission for six years. Sportsmen expected him to be a standup guy, not a standup comedian. He did whatever Terry Crawforth and NDOW wanted. The job was over his head. On numerous occasions, he stated that Terry Crawforth gave us everything we wanted. Apparently, Commissioner Ford did not ask Terry to do something about our declining deer. Clint Bentley is still on the Wildlife Commission, but never should have been appointed. He failed to do something about our mountain lion problem more than once. He fails to recognize the number one food for mountain lion is mule deer. In addition, he is a very selfish individual. If it isn’t something that pertains to sheep, he could care less. In other words, to hell with the 35,000 people who wanted to get a deer tag. Chris Mackenzie is the current chairman of the Wildlife Commission. In addition, he is also chairman for the Committee to Establish Policy for the Management of Mule Deer. This is a long titled committee which achieves nothing. It is basically one plan after another plan after another plan. However, none of their plans are going to bring our deer back. Oh, but their plan will be revised every five years!

Fortunately for Nevada deer hunters, Tommy Ford and Bill Bradley are no longer on the Wildlife Commission. However, Bill Bradley is still hurting sportsmen as a member of the Wildlife Commission’s Legislative Committee. This still leaves Clint Bentley and Chris Mackenzie as the worst commissioners who are supposed to represent sportsmen. Their inability to recognize and act upon the loss of our deer and the millions of dollars that go with it, is grounds for them to resign. But when your head is in the sand, it’s hard to see the piece of paper to sign your letter of resignation.

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