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Assemblyman Jerry Claborn survey results

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For those of you who believe all politicians are no good, you are wrong. With that said, let’s pat some good ones on the back and expose a couple who have proven that they could care less about sportsmen’s concerns. In the last legislative session, Assemblymen Jerry Claborn and John Carpenter were instrumental in getting HUNTER’S ALERT bill AB259 passed. They are the true champions of sportsmen!


Past audits have shown that former directors Willie Molini and Terry Crawforth mismanaged this agency for years. This mismanagement was done with the approval of the Wildlife commissioners. It was obvious that something had to be done for the sportsmen’s sake to change this. If it was going to be done, it had to be done by a sportsmen’s organization who wanted accountability for sportsmen’s money. With the passage of AB259, it is mandated that there will be an audit of NDOW every two years.


The bill in its original form required that something be done about mountain lions and to return NDOW to a Department of Fish and Game. This would have increased deer numbers and had sportsmen’s money spent on game projects. Who did not want this to happen? Assemblywoman Debbie Smith and Assemblyman David Bobzien. It shows that they could care less about sportsmen’s concerns. For that we will be reminding sportsmen how they voted in the next election cycle.


Assemblyman Jerry Claborn wanted some questions answered about the problem with our deer. He took it right to the sportsmen for their answers. This survey proves what HUNTER’S ALERT has been saying for almost twenty years. And it also proves so many sportsmen can’t be wrong. Well, they aren’t! The real question is why haven’t NDOW and the Wildlife Commission been listening. They should hang their heads in shame for selling out the sportsmen. But there is no shame for that bunch and that is why our deer herds are in despicable shape. Here are the results of a survey done by Assemblyman Jerry Claborn, a politician who cares about sportsmen.


Question Responses:


1.       Do you think mountain lions and coyotes are responsible for the decline of our Nevada deer herd?      Yes:  83%       No: 17%

2.                  Currently the mountain lion is a big game animal. Would you favor returning the mountain lion to its previous status as a predator as is the coyote? Yes: 87%        No: 13%

3.                  Are you pleased with the way the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Wildlife Commission are managing our deer?              Yes: 5%     No: 95%

4.                  Are you willing to pay a $3 fee for a viable predator control program?             Yes: 72%      No: 28%

5.                  What changes would you make to restore our deer?

“Install a very aggressive predator control program in one or two management areas”---“Year round season on lions”---“I’d like to see some real management such as HUNTER’S ALERT has suggested”---“Reclassify mountain lion to predator status”---“Appoint true sportsmen to the Commission, not counterfeiters”---“Close the deer season to everyone for one year”---“I think there are two problems, Nevada’s growing population and mountain lions and coyotes”---“Pay a bounty to kill lions”---“Contract hunters need to be used to control predators”---“Change mountain lions to predators”---“Stop all deer hunting for two years”---“Shorten the deer season”---“Aggressive predator management”---“Reallocate the budget to kill lions”---“Return the mountain lion to a predator status as is the coyote and reduce them”---“Reduce predators”---“Control wild horse herds”---“Start killing off more coyotes and cougars”---“Drop the number of predators by trapping, shooting, etc”---“Stop killing so many does”---“The future of hunting in Nevada is quite dismal”---“Return mountain lions to predator status”---“Reduce predators to reasonable amount”---“Fire present director, get sportsmen (hunters) as commissioners”---“Get rid of some mountain lions!”---“give a lion tag to every big game tag application return”---“Close the season for a year or two”---“Trap mountain lions with a bounty for each lion”---“If hunters would shoot one horse each year, it would do more than anything else to help our deer”---“We need an active statewide predator program to reduce both coyotes and mountain lions”---“Stop deer hunting for a minimum of two years”---“No use cutting back on tags, no deer anyway”---“Better control of mountain lions”---“Get a qualified NDOW director and commission”---“Reduce predators, especially cats”---“Kill the predators”---“Coyote and cougar tracks are everywhere”---“Bring back $15 lion tags across the counter”---“Restructure NDOW and radically change their misguided deer management practices”---“Offer free year round predator hunting”---“Trap or shoot all coyote or mountain lion”---“A reward system on coyotes and mountain lions”---“Put back $10 bounty on coyotes”---“Besides predator control, manage mustangs better”---“Kill off a bunch of mountain lions and coyotes”---“Find out what the trappers were using in the 40’s and 50’s. Then you will get rid of the coyotes”---“I have had lions walking through my motel and RV lot every winter”---“Increase bounty on both mountain lions and coyotes”---“Make mountain lion a predator”---“Give the deer herds to BLM and the wild mustang population to NDOW. The deer count will go up and the mustangs will go down.”---“Place a bounty of $25 for each coyote and $200 for each mountain lion”---“Eliminate the doe hunt”---“Get NDOW out of the office and into the field. They haven’t a clue as to what is going on. Mountain lions have increased to drastic proportions and are a danger to deer herds and to humans.”---“Have commissioners who care about Nevada hunters and not their personal gain. Issue more tags for lions which have depleted our deer and sheep”---“NDOW has become one of Nevada’s worst self-serving money machines bureaucratic state agencies to evolve in Nevada”---“Manage mountain lion, wild horse and coyote populations”---“Far more predator control”---“Reduce wild horse population”---“Authorize more hunting of mountain lion”---“Bounty on coyotes and give out more lion tags”---“Get rid of  all “yes men” and put into power those who will listen to hunters”---“Increased predator control”---“Return the lion and coyote to predator status”---“Make an open season on lions and coyotes”---“Appoint a new pope (NDOW) every 4 years”---“Mountain lion tags need to be increased”---“Wild horses should be removed from the range!”---“Sale of lion tags to hunters till population is cut in half”---“Effective predator control management”---“Hire qualified dedicated managers to guide and lead NDOW back”---“Predator control”---“Make the mountain lion an unprotected species”---“Proper management of predators”---“Get rid of Terry Crawforth”---“Place our protected ‘mountain kitty’ back on the predator list with a $200 bounty on his head”---“Get rid of the phony governor (Kenny Guinn) and wildlife commissioners”---“Place a bounty on the heads of all predators including mountain lions”---“A new way of choosing wildlife commissioners who have some wildlife knowledge”---“Reduce predator populations such as mountain lions. Also we need a change in NDOW so that we have people in there who have a clue as to what is going on.”---“Get rid of the lions”---“Place the mountain lion as a predator like the coyote”---“Let’s have an open season on mountain lions with maybe a reward system”---“Control wild horse herds”---“Put a bounty on coyotes that would make it worth the trouble to hunt them”---“Kill off coyotes”---“Get rid of wild horses”---“List cougar as a predator, no tags, no kill limitations”

And we saved one of the best for last, from Larry’s Great Western Meats, Larry Hughes wrote: “Remove lions from our state by putting two in each fish and game vehicle and 50 in each fish and game office. They are not predators so I am sure they (the lions) would not hurt them.”

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