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Editorial 2007 Summer

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There are good things in store for the future of Nevada sportsmen. NDOW has a new director, Ken Mayer who is concerned about the loss of our deer and the way the agency has been managed in the past. HUNTER’S ALERT bill AB259 did not pass in its original form but it came out a winner anyway. HUNTER’S ALERT sponsored a bill to audit NDOW in the previous legislative session. The results of the audit proved how badly NDOW was being mismanaged. Because this audit showed numerous misappropriations of sportsmen’s dollars, AB 259 was passed. It mandates NDOW to be audited every other year. 

During the hearing, Assemblyman John Carpenter questioned some of  NDOW’s expenditures. Spending on certain projects was so absurd that it prompted the need for this bill. Had any Wildlife commissioner with just a slight bit of a brain had questioned or even looked at some of NDOW’s expenditures, things would not have gotten out of hand. Why did it take an assemblyman to find this? Obviously, the Wildlife commissioners approved of Terry Crawforth’s corrupt style of running NDOW.

Nevada sportsmen need to know Assemblymen Jerry Claborn and John Carpenter as well as Nevada Hunters Association president Gerald Lent were responsible for getting this legislation passed. It’s too bad other so-called sportsmen’s organizations fail to see the importance of a properly managed wildlife agency. People like Larry Johnson believe it is okay to support NDOW in spite of the corruption as long as he gets what he wants. Meanwhile, HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association continue to do what is best for Nevada sportsmen.

Even though there are some positive changes on the horizon, please remember how many years NDOW has been in the toilet and how the Wildlife commissioners refused to do anything about it. It took many years of neglect of our deer to put us in this shape and it will take many more years to bring the deer back. What are other sportsmen’s organizations doing for Nevada sportsmen? Probably the same thing they have always done, nothing! However, we continue to welcome all sportsmen’s organizations and groups to join with us in developing sound wildlife policies.
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