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Governor Jim Gibbons keeps his word!

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Unlike the former governor, Governor Jim Gibbons is concerned about sportsmen’s issues, particularly the loss of our deer. The former governor appointed people to the Wildlife Commission who could donate large sums of money to him. Governor Jim Gibbons has made two appointments to the Wildlife Commission and based his appointments on individuals who have a solid knowledge of wildlife issues.  It is apparent that Governor Gibbons’ style of appointing wildlife commissioners is not the same as the former governor’s . This is good news for the sportsmen.  Governor Jim Gibbons has proved again that he is a friend of all sportsmen in Nevada.


With the exception of former commissioner Brad Quilici, none of the people that his predecessor appointed to the Wildlife Commission did anything about the loss of our deer. Governor Jim Gibbons made a pledge to the sportsmen that he would keep the mismanagement out of NDOW and do everything possible to bring back our deer and return solid wildlife management to Nevada.


State audits proved that former NDOW administrator Terry Crawforth violated many laws and misappropriated millions of dollars of sportsmen’s money. However, he received many accolades upon his retirement. For what? The declining deer numbers or the fact that NDOW was a law enforcement agency not a wildlife agency under Terry Crawforth. The agency was run in a totally disruptive manner under Crawforth’s direction and prior appointments to the Wildlife Commission rubberstamped Terry Crawforth’s mismanagement. Governor Gibbons will change this.


In fact, Terry completely “gutted” the Game Bureau’s operation and put Nevada years behind, again doing this with the approval of the Wildlife Commission. Governor Gibbons has appointed a new director, Ken Mayer, who has the ability and ambition to bring respect back to Nevada’s Department of Wildlife. Gee, isn’t that a pleasant change, a change that has been long overdue!

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