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NDOW continues to sell out mule deer

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There are three groups who could bring back our deer, the Wildlife Commissioners, the majority of our legislators, or Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). None of them choose to do this. Let’s examine these groups and prove why they don’t care about Nevada’s once famous mule deer.


First, the Wildlife Commission. None of them have ever proposed any idea to even think about bringing back our deer. Quite the contrary. Wildlife Commissioner Clint Bentley, on two different occasions, has prevented more lions from being killed. This alone proves he doesn’t care about our deer. This guy has the title of “sportsmen’s representative”. However, he should be representing anti-hunters. He still has one year left on his appointment to continue selling out Nevada hunters.


The next group is our elected representatives, senators and assemblymen. Politics will bring out the best and worst of elected officials. Let’s discuss the best. Assemblymen Jerry Claborn and John Carpenter wanted something done about our serious lion problem which has a direct correlation to the decline of our deer. And now, the worst. Assemblywoman Debbie Smith wanted nothing done about lions nor did she want to return to a Department of Fish and Game. In doing so, she showed that she could have cared less about our deer or sportsmen’s concerns for that matter.


And finally, the group who should care, as the mule deer is the biggest revenue producer in the game division, NDOW. Let’s put this in a very simple sentence. NDOW does not give a damn about mule deer in Nevada. Now let’s prove it which won’t be very hard to do. An article that appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal on May 12, stated, “Big Game in Nevada doing well”. The subtitle was, “Mule deer the exception, expert says”. The expert is Mike Cox, big game biologist for NDOW (who spends more time on the computer than out in the field).


The expert blamed wildfires in Area 6 for the decline of our mule deer. From this we must presume that all of Nevada mule deer are in Area 6. If that’s not the case, I guess the whole state must have caught on fire. Simply said, if you are going to blame wildfires for the decline of our deer, you just can’t blame one fire in one area. By the way, expert, they were declining before this fire ever occurred.


Now here’s the clincher on what the expert had to say. “This deer herd will continue to spiral downward to the point that there will be little hope of ever restoring it.” This is NDOW’s way of copping out forever stating that mule deer will never come back. It is their way of never having to do anything about mountain lions. Let’s summarize this mess. NDOW will always be able to blame wildfires for the loss of our deer without doing anything about the mountain lion problem. Sleazy, isn’t it? But that is the policy and practice of the people that can do something about it but who continually refuse. You can choose not to re-elect our legislators but you can’t do anything about NDOW and the Wildlife Commissioners. They know it and that is why they act as they do.


But wait, it gets worse. We have just informed you the expert biologist says there is little hope of restoring our deer. With this said, what do they do? The Elko Daily Free Press on May 15 ran an article, “Big game tags up, despite fires”. “A resident quota of 10,290 rifle tags for buck deer--the most popular big game hunt—represents an 11 percent increase from the previous year. Resident rifle hunters will be issued 440 permits for antlerless deer, up 577 percent from last year.”


Hey, that’s good game management. We don’t have any deer so let’s kill more of them, especially more does. Here is the real question. Is NDOW managing our deer for what is best for the deer, for money, or not at all? You be the judge.


NDOW’s new director, Ken Mayer, has his job cut out for him. Just getting some biologists out in the field where they belong and taking the agency back to a wildlife agency instead of a law enforcement agency is a full plate in itself. HUNTER’S ALERT wishes him well. He didn’t create this mess, he just inherited it.

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