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Victory for sportsmen 2007

Written by Gerald Lent
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In the last legislative session, HUNTER’S ALERT sponsored Assembly Bill 259. The intent of this bill was to save more deer by increasing the mountain lion harvest. This bill met with virulent opposition from every Wildlife Commissioner, some sportsmen, and especially from Larry Johnson and his Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife. They flooded the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining committee with incorrect information. They were unaware that the bill had been already been amended to remove much of the language in question. However, Larry just didn’t bother to take the time to get up to speed on the bill’s updated language.


HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association just wanted to bring a bill out with the intention of getting all sportsmen to agree on some type of compromise since most of us agree a big depredation problem exists. (See Trapline Report in this issue)


Larry Johnson was being mendacious when in his letter to the Legislative Committee, he stated: “…we are in complete agreement with the following: 1. Predators in Nevada adversely impact game population particularly mule deer; 2. When mule deer populations are low, such as following drought or severe winters, predators retard or prevent population recovery; 3. There is a significant influx of lions from adjoining states (California and Oregon) where hunting is either eliminated or greatly hampered; 4. Predator management has not been a priority at NDOW until the past few years; 5. We and the majority of Nevada sportsmen support more control of mountain lion populations.”


Duh! What have HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association been telling you for eighteen years. We are the ones that made predator management a higher priority at NDOW by sponsoring the predator fee bill. In addition, we testified at many Commission meetings demanding better protection of our game animals from predators.


Essentially Larry Johnson agrees with Nevada Hunters Association and HUNTER’S ALERT that a lion problem exists, yet he offers no amendments or solutions to this problem. He is being a hypocrite. Is this an individual or a Coalition that is working for wildlife in Nevada? We say no! This hypocritical behavior is detrimental to all sportsmen in Nevada.


This Coalition should have said that we all agree and  now let’s compromise on this bill and just get the job done together. NO SOLUTIONS WERE OFFERED BY LARRY JOHNSON OR HIS COALITION! It is quite apparent that they are not interested in saving our deer.


Nevada Hunters Association and HUNTER’S ALERT truly represent sportsmen and have initiated solutions to the serious predator problems in our state when nobody else would try.


The legislative audit of NDOW showed they inappropriately funded almost 1 million dollars of sportsmen’s restricted funds This included duck stamp dollars, upland game bird stamp dollars, habitat conservation dollars, and elk mitigation damage dollars to cover other deficits in their budget. All of these are in violation of Nevada statutes. Because of this mismanagement, HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association proposed an amendment to AB259. This amendment essentially requires the Department to publish to the Legislature an annual financial report describing the activity and status of all restricted funds. This includes descriptions of funded projects and recipients  both federal and state, amounts of funds dispersed for the year, and show any matching contributions and amounts. The bill passed with this much needed amendment for sportsmen without the help of Larry Johnson who claims to represent sportsmen.



By Gerald Lent, President

Nevada Hunters Association



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