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Good times are coming for the people who are concerned about the loss of our deer. The newly appointed Wildlife Commissioners have been told by Governor Jim Gibbons to bring back our deer. It won’t be easy nor will it be quick. Let’s review who was responsible for the loss of these deer and why it happened.


Sportsmen have had over 30 years of mismanagement in NDOW by former directors Willie Molini and Terry Crawforth. Couple that with ten years of Governor Bob Miller and eight years of Kenny Guinn’s appointments to the Wildlife Commission and it has proven disastrous for our Nevada deer herds.


Wildlife Commissioners appointed by the two former governors didn’t know what to do about the declining numbers nor did they care about the deer hunters. When suggestions were made to them or even a petition by a county advisory board to correct the decline of deer, it fell on deaf ears. If it wasn’t something for sheep, they could not have cared less. They didn’t listen to the sportsmen and for that and many other reasons, it was time to break up this monopoly. The decisions from the Wildlife Commissioners became strictly tunnel vision to benefit sheep. This is exactly what happens when you have a monopoly.


When it came to restoring our deer herds, there were no new ideas with past Wildlife Commissions. They used the old “let’s study it” which buys time and gets them off the hook. As stated, the new commissioners have been instructed to do something about this serious problem. Now at least there is hope for future Nevada deer hunters. There wasn’t any when the previous Wildlife Commission’s focus was strictly on sheep.

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