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Larry Johnson And Coalition For Nevada’s Wildlife In Crisis Mode

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Recently this group circulated a petition to the governor to maintain their two Commission members on the Wildlife Commission. These two members were on Larry’s NBU Board prior to being appointed commissioners. No wonder he strongly favors keeping his commissioners in place and is criticizing anyone else who suggests any new members. Talk about a hypocrisy. It is also no wonder that he has made such a dramatic effort to keep his clones in place. They attend his meetings and react to what he says.

This group says that they have donated so much to NDOW that they DESERVE a say in how NDOW is managed and to appoint anyone else would be criminal! WOW!  They are really a few self-centered individuals who only believe in themselves and only listen to themselves. They think that they are the only ones who should have a say on wildlife issues in the state and consistently brag about how many dollars they have given to the state and that “entitles” Larry and his group to control wildlife in the state. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Come on, get a life: if they really care about wildlife in the state, they can still donate money and projects and work for wildlife. This is only true if their real orientation is for wildlife or do they just want to control how wildlife is managed in Nevada?

Somebody needs to explain to him that they are only a small piece of the complex puzzle and that many other wildlife groups are just as important and should have wildlife input also.

They say they represent many sportsmen in Nevada, yet they have less than one percent of all hunting applicants in the state on a so-called petition list. The sportsmen of Nevada cannot and will not let less than one percent of these self-claimed advocates dominate wildlife policies in this state by saying only they know what is best for wildlife.

Our governor is highly intelligent and very competent and he knows the issues. It is his decision alone to make qualified appointments to this Commission and he has promised to do so.

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