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'95 Oct 31

Changed Format

Written by Hunters Alert
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We have changed the format of this, our ninth newsletter for several reasons. We want you to be aware of two important issues. First, HUNTER'S ALERT wants to give you an update on our progress. In our last issue, we endorsed many political candidates. The ones of particular importance are the state senate and assembly. These are the people who will be directly involved with our bill. HUNTER'S ALERT supported a majority of candidates who were successful and we also worked hard to defeat some candidates.

Our goal is to return to a Department of Fish & Game where user fees will return to fish and game programs only. This department should have its own commission with experienced people appointed to insure successful results.

Speaking of our bill, our lobbyist has worked very hard for the past 18 months. Through his efforts, our bill number is a low one which is vitally important since over 2000 requests will be submitted this session.

As the bill proceeds through the committees, we will need your help. A call, letter, or fax to your state senator and assemblyman will be very important to keep the bill moving. Please take the time to fill out the enclosed card. We need your involvement. We can't do it alone!

The second issue has been one of our major concerns, predators wiping out our game numbers. We felt the article called Tm not Lion" was so good we wanted to send it to you in its entirety. Please read this and note the similarities to the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

1. Hunters were upset by declining deer population.

2. Predators would not be considered in the survey.

3. They wanted the decline to be caused by livestock or logging.(In our state, it's Mother Nature like drought, bad winters, wildfires, and lightning.)

4. Predators killed 50% of the radio collared fawns but the Fish & Game Department was reluctant to do anything about it.

5. The diet of mountain lion consisted of 61% deer.

Does any of this sound familiar? Now fill out that card to help your hunting!

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