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A New Day for Wildlife

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The Outdoorsman was published in Idaho during the early 1970s in response to severe declines in wild game populations across the U.S. With widespread national circulation, it published documented biological facts to disprove the unsupported “balance-of-nature” theories advanced by environmental activists.  These facts were provided to state and federal fish and game management agencies and elected officials, and are credited with the restoration of abundant wild game populations, which peaked in the western states in 1988.

During that period of wildlife abundance, non-hunting activists at the national and international level infiltrated state wildlife management agencies with their agendas.  The resulting steady decline in wild game populations throughout the West for the next 15 years caused The Outdoorsman to be resurrected in March 2004 by former editor and publisher, George Dovel.

Once again documented facts are used to expose the agenda of non-governmental organizations who are orchestrating a return to a mythical environment where carnivores are protected to “manage” wildlife numbers without interference by humans.  Hunters and other natural resource users cannot combat this destructive agenda without documented facts and science provided to them and their elected officials.

To insure Nevada elected officials continue to receive this valuable publication, mail a donation in any amount to:

The Outdoorsman
P.O. Box 155
Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629

To receive issues by mail for 1 year send name, address and $20.

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