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NDOW’s New Favorite Excuse

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When NDOW needs an excuse to grab at, make it habitat!


For twenty years, HUNTER’S ALERT has listened to the twenty excuses from NDOW about the loss of our deer. The excuse that NDOW used most often was drought. For many years, the favorite motto for NDOW was “When in doubt, use drought” for the loss of our deer. Either NDOW wore out the drought excuse or the drought has subsided as NDOW has now changed their main excuse to the “loss of habitat”.  NDOW’s new motto is “If you need an excuse to grab at, make It habitat”.


There is a reason for making this their primary excuse, that being it is an everlasting excuse. Rest assured, NDOW will use this excuse for many decades. Larry Johnson, NDOW’s favorite puppet and his boys have paraded in front of legislative or Wildlife Commission meetings using the overuse word “habitat” for NDOW’s needs. Oh, it sounds so professional. Of course, Larry likes to throw the word “science” in every time he testifies. In the last legislative session, Larry and his boys fought against giving the Wildlife Commission more authority over some of NDOW’s decisions. They only wanted the biologists using “science” to make the decisions. That certainly hasn’t worked out for the mule deer. Larry and his boys need to read this edition of HUNTER’ S ALERT and they will learn that biologists using  “science” aren’t always right.


If NDOW wants to use this habitat excuse, they must furnish the sportsmen with the following information. Of course this information must be based on “science”. Now NDOW,  give us the facts!


How much will it cost and how long will it take to restore Nevada’s habitat? Is it 5 years and $5 million? Is it 10 years and $10 million or 20 years and $20 million?  In Idaho, based on the lowest BLM per -acre for re-establishing shrub-steppe habitat, it would cost five billion dollars to rejuvenate the 10% or less of Idaho considered winter range for deer. How does that compare to Nevada’s wildfires?


NDOW, HUNTER’S ALERT is wise to your stall efforts which have been going on for decades. If the director and biologists don’t know how or what to do about bringing back our deer, do the sportsmen a favor and tender your resignations. Don’t use habitat as an excuse to extend your employment until it’s time for your retirement. You are doing a disservice to the sportsmen and the mule deer in our state.

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