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New Mule Deer Wildlife Staff Specialist Appointed

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NDOW director Ken Mayer has held the post for almost three years. During these two plus years, he has done nothing to bring back our deer. Quite the contrary, in the last two legislative sessions, there were bills proposed to enhance our mule deer. He opposed both of them.


Recently, a bolt of lightning must have struck the director. On July 8, chief of big game, Mark Atkinson announced that Tony Wasley had accepted the new position of Mule Deer Wildlife Staff Specialist. This is the same Tony Wasley, Elko based biologist, who recommended killing 987 does this year. But it gets better with this mule deer specialist. A 2004 press release by Kelly Clark on NDOW’s website quotes some of Wasley’s mule deer studies and comes up with this conclusion: “Most hunters ask what we can do to achieve higher numbers of deer. Pray for good summer rain. Nevada is the driest state in the Union and water is key in wildlife management. Without rain and snow to keep creeks running, springs fresh, grasses, forbs and brush tender and green for food and cover, deer numbers dwindle.”


If rain were the only factor, how can NDOW explain a year like this one where the rangeland is in prime condition due to an unusually wet spring, yet there are no deer. Could it be something other than rain? This prompted Wildlife Commission Chairman Gerald Lent at the July, 2009 meeting to tell Director Mayer that instead of hiring a mule deer biologist he should have hired a preacher.


Tony Wasley has worked for NDOW for over ten years with the majority of that time in Elko County as a deer biologist III primarily working on mule deer in Area 10. He hasn’t been able to do anything to bring back our deer for all these years. What makes Director Mayer think he will be able to do something with his new promotion as a Staff Specialist for mule deer? This new position is merely a way to pacify his detractors and show that he is doing something for deer. However, it certainly won’t put any more deer on the ground.
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