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New Wildlife Commissioners Set For Challenge

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Out with the old, in with the new was in order for the Wildlife Commission appointments.  The last of former Governor Kenny Guinn’s appointments to the Wildlife Commission have finally run their course. For Nevada deer hunters, that’s a good thing. Former commissioners David McNinch, Dan Swanson and Ron  Lurie did nothing to bring back our deer.  Quite the contrary. Most predator control projects to benefit deer were opposed by them.


Currently, only about half of the objective harvest on lions is being filled. Assemblyman Jerry Claborn presented a proposal to meet the objective harvest on lions. This quota was set by NDOW biologists presumably using “science”. However all of them voted against enacting Assemblyman Claborn’s proposal.


During their tenures, Lurie (five years) and Swanson (three years) and McNinch (nine years) none of them had a proposal of their own to help restore our deer herd. Obviously, to them opposing was the easy part. Correcting the problem apparently was not in their interest.


Deer herds in Nevada and other states have been neglected and mismanaged for decades. So don’t expect instant results from the new commissioners. There are a couple of big differences, though, between former Governor Kenny Guinn’s appointments and current Governor Jim Gibbons’ appointments to the Wildlife Commission. It is notable that Governor Jim Gibbons’ appointees didn’t make large political donations to his campaign. This is unlike former Governor Guinn’s appointees, Tommy Ford, John T. Moran and Clint Bentley who were responsible for numerous and large donations.


The results of their years on the Wildlife Commission have proven disastrous to Nevada sportsmen.  They didn’t know anything and they proved it. Another area of difference will be that this Commission will now stand up to NDOW where the majority of the former Wildlife Commissioners did everything the director wanted. The end result was that nothing was done for Nevada’s mule deer herd.


The new Conservation position was filled by Daryl Capurro who is a member of the Izaak Walton League of America and the National Audubon Society.  Filling the Sportsman’s position is Charlie Howell who has hunted and fished in Nevada for over 50 years. Filling the General Public spot is Bruce Kobrin, vice president of Wirtz Beverage Nevada. Bruce has been a resident of Nevada for over thirty years.


HUNTER’S ALERT believes the majority of the Wildlife Commissioners will be strong. However, there are a few commissioners who have not performed as hoped. Commissioner Mike McBeath rolled over at the very first Wildlife Commission meeting. He immediately joined forces with the Kenny Guinn appointees. So much for his loyalty to the person who appointed him to the Wildlife Commission. The person representing ranchers is Pete Mori. He has not represented ranchers. He voted for more bighorn sheep transplants which will hurt domestic sheep growers. He voted for more elk. Ranchers oppose this as elk tear up their fences and haystacks. He voted for introduction of salmon in Elko County. This will mean water for fish will be a priority over water for ranching. As one rancher stated, “Pete don’t know if he is afoot or horseback.”
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