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Political Agendas And Nevada Biologists, Part I

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Reprinted from The Nevada Rancher, June 2009

How free of politics is science? During a legislative hearing, the idea of not allowing laymen—in this case the nine members of the Nevada State Wildlife Commission—to have mandatory authority over a “professional biologist” was debated.


The opponents claimed the Wildlife Commission may be tainted by political considerations, implying the director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife (the professional) is somehow above the fray.


Since the director of NDOW is himself a political appointee, the argument is absurd on its face.


But it raises a more serious question: How free of bias, of political agendas, is “science”?


Several glaring cases of deliberate manipulation to further a political agenda come to mind on the national level. The most easy and undeniable involves the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, whose “professional” biologists were found guilty of “ planting” evidence, in one case Canadian lynx hair and another of grizzly bear fur.


Using this falsified data in conjunction with the Endangered Species Act would have given them near total authority over state decision-making.


It would have been the Spotted Owl disaster repeated.


Here in Nevada a similar deception has occurred and involves NDOW biologists, specifically Tony Wasley, author of a supposedly “scientific” study titled “Mule Deer, Population Dynamics, Issues and Influences.”


This publication, promoted by NDOW since 2004 as the bible of deer biology, has some glaringly obvious omissions—most notably a total absence of the impact of mountain lions, which of course eat mule deer—but the intentional deception is equally graphic, although without some digging much more difficult to discern.

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