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Why NDOW will not do any predator control!

Written by Cecil Fredi
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Someone has to start telling the truth about predator control in Nevada. I guess that someone will have to be HUNTER’S ALERT. NDOW does not want to do any predator control. Let me repeat, unequivocally, without a doubt, NDOW refuses to do predator control without being forced into it.


In the 2001 legislative session, HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association with the help of Assemblyman Jerry Claborn were responsible for the passage of A.B. 291 which gives NDOW $341,000 to $400,000 per year for predator control. By the way, no one from NDOW was there to support the predator bill. This alone should let you know how NDOW felt from the very beginning about predator control.


The intent of the bill was to reduce predators in order to bring back our deer. However, NDOW wants to use the money for everything but its intended purpose. Currently, NDOW takes $80,000 from the Predator Fund for administration. The biggest part of this is for a predator support position, a person who hasn’t killed a predator since being employed by NDOW. On numerous occasions, NDOW wanted to use the money for a lion study. This is a synonym for stall. While the stall is in effect (for many years) NDOW will not have to do any predator control, simply stating that they are studying it. I’m sure the end result from their study would read something like this—Mountain lions are having no effect on our mule deer. We have discovered their main food is dolphin-free tuna fish sandwiches.


This bill forced NDOW to do something they never wanted to do. For that and another reason which I will identify later, they have dug their heels in on doing predator control, especially for mule deer. However, they don’t have a problem in spending predator control money on bighorn sheep.


Wildlife Services does the predator control for NDOW. Either NDOW doesn’t know how to do predator control or they blatantly refuse to do it. Wildlife Services is a federal agency which does predator control for all states. They are the experts when it comes to predator control. Their employees certainly spend more time in the field than most of NDOW’s biologists. Even though Wildlife Services has the expertise, NDOW has demanded to develop the predator control programs. This is so that the programs can be geared for failure. The reason for this is that when the program fails, NDOW can proudly pronounce, “See, predator control doesn’t work”.


Well, it has worked in New Mexico and numerous areas in Arizona. In fact, it is working in many areas in Nevada but you have never seen any statistics, data or any form of information on how well it is working in Nevada from NDOW. Just check the areas where predator control is being done (See page ?) and you will find these areas have the highest doe to fawn ratios. This is information NDOW doesn’t want anyone to know. If money is so important, why hasn’t NDOW done something about the loss of the majority of our deer and the millions of dollars that go with it? HUNTER’S ALERT will explain.


I’m sure you have all heard the Golden Rule cliché, that being “He who has the gold makes the rules”. Let’s start out with who has the gold, or in this case, the money. It is the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who funds all fish and game agencies. These funds are accumulated from federal excise taxes such as Pittman-Robertson and Dingle-Johnson. This year that amounted to $740 million.


With that kind of money, the anti’s in Washington, D.C. just had to get their hands on some of it. They went to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with a proposition like this. If you don’t start using sportsmen’s money to fund non-game projects, we will find some non-game species that are close to being threatened and we will take you to court. It would cost U.S. Fish & Wildlife a tremendous amount of money to fight these court battles so the U.S. Fish & Wildlife rolled over and gave in to the anti’s demands. In addition, the anti’s demanded that they wanted large predators, namely bears, wolves and mountain lions protected.


Now the U.S. Fish & Wildlife has been conveniently funding non-game programs (biodiversity) with cutesy little names like Conservation Reinvestment Act, Teaming with Wildlife and currently State Wildlife Grants. In 2001, Congress passed the State Wildlife Grants to fund wildlife diversity programs. The question that needs to be answered (by the feds), who is coughing up the money to pay for this? Is Pittman-Robertson money, which hunters are responsible for, being used to fund these non-game projects?


Now let’s just prove what was just stated. When HUNTER’S ALERT was formed over 20 years ago, there was no “biodiversity bureau” in NDOW. Currently, there are 17 people employed plus all of the administration and support for this bureau. Only 3% of NDOW’s funding comes from the General Fund. Currently this amounts to about $502,000. Do you really think this is going to cover all the expenses for the Biodiversity Bureau? Well, it doesn’t as according to NDOW’s website,  the Wildlife Diversity Bureau is costing $1,755,694.00 per year.


More proof--NDOW has had 3 directors in the past 40 years. All of them refuse to kill a lion. Wouldn’t you think one of them would want to bring back our deer? Ken Mayer,the current director wants to wait for a lion to kill something, then remove the offending lion. This is akin to waiting for a murderer to become a serial killer before any action is taken which is certainly not being proactive. The bottom line is very simple. The anti’s have put pressure on the feds not to kill predators. NDOW is funded by the feds so they do whatever U. S. Fish & Wildlife wants them to do. By doing this, NDOW has chosen to sell out the hunters and have shown that they do not care about the mule deer population in our state or the loss of millions of dollars that come with that sellout!

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  • Comment Link Chris Tuesday, 09 November 2010 23:31 posted by Chris

    Although coyotes may kill fawns, they do not do enough damage to the NV deer population to make a significant difference, and the same goes for Lions in NV. APHIS already kills so many coyotes every year.
    There are at least two Predator Hunting Contests every month in the state of NV from Sept. to March. Every Recreational Predator Hunter in NV will agree that there are less and less Predators to hunt each year.
    With AHPIS killing too many coyotes, and these contests being put on, why have the deer populations not exploded?
    Because PREDATORS are NOT the reason for a decline in NV's deer population!!!!!
    Drought and habitat loss has a lot to do with it.
    Also, maybe the Predator Control fee should be changed to:

    "Get those Damn habitat ruining Horses out of NV FEE"

    AZ has a huge number of deer. They also do not allow night hunting or trapping of Predators as NV does. Yet AZ's high population of Predators does not seem to be hurting their Deer numbers..... hmmmm

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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