Is it any wonder why ravens and other predators are a problem when we have politicians such as Senator Debbie Smith and Assemblyman David Bobzien who don't believe in predator control? This information was sent to every state senator and assemblyperson with the exception of the two mentioned above:

Dear Senator:

Please review the enclosed information from Wildlife Services monthly newsletter. Wildlife Services is a federal agency which does predator control for all states.

Doesn’t this picture make you sick? Well, it certainly didn’t have any effect on Senator Debbie Smith. In 2001, AB 241 was passed into law. The intent of the bill was to reduce predators in order to restore declining game animals and birds which will, in turn, produce revenue for the state.

In the latest issue of Muley Crazy Magazine, one area in Nevada (Unit 014) where predator control is being done, there was a 69% increase in mule deer and almost a 300% increase in allotted tags resulting in more state revenue. Nevada deer numbers have declined almost 70% since 1988. In addition, sage grouse numbers are declining. If the sage grouse is listed by the federal government in 2015, millions of acres will be lost to ranching, mining, hunting and all multiple land use activities.

There are many studies showing that ravens are the chief predator in the decline of sage grouse. Sportsmen’s money is available to reduce raven numbers because of AB 241. With that said, what did Senator Debbie Smith propose? She was one of the sponsors of AB 345 in the just completed legislative session. Her intent was to completely eliminate predator control and have that money spent on studies.

We don’t need more studies. Studies have proven that predators such as lions, coyotes and ravens are decimating game birds and animals, not only in Nevada, but throughout the west. What is needed is to utilize sportsmen’s money derived from AB 241 to reduce predators as the bill was intended. It is obvious that Debbie Smith was not enlightened about what would happen if this money is used for more studies and no action.

Thankfully, Governor Sandoval vetoed this bill. However, it would not be surprising if Senator Debbie Smith had one of her cohorts attempt this in the next session. She has proven that she is no friend to Nevada sportsmen who fund 97% of Nevada Department of Wildlife.




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Friday, 03 February 2006 05:17

Comment - Readers Respond

My personal congratulations to HUNTER’S ALERT for such a totally complete, powerful, accurate, informing issue! If only every sportsman could come by a copy of this issue! For sixty years, I myself have been doing battle with this wildlife bureaucracy to no avail. When I learned about HUNTER’S ALERT, I immediately joined to become a part of it. HUNTER’S ALERT quotes my own sentiments verbatim.

I have received the last two copies of the U.S. Observer with the revealing and expose articles pertaining to Nevada’s disappearing wildlife and reckless bird and game mismanagement that has been taking place, that you and HUNTER’S ALERT have been pursuing and bringing to the sportsmen’s and our elected officials’ attention for so many years, not only in the sportsmen’s interest, but the benefit and welfare of our past once plentiful wildlife. All of Nevada’s sportsmen have poured millions of dollars into the Fish and Game Department salaries to manage as educated wildlife management experts only to end up with a critical--admitted wildlife, mule deer and popular sage grouse shortages, insured by the obvious overpopulations of protected predators, mainly the coyotes, bobcats and lions.

I cannot believe what you and Bud are accomplishing for the state and its paying sportsmen. As always, keep up the good work you represent and are doing for the rest of us in Nevada.

Nevada Jim Ornellas

Published in HA Newsletter 30
Sunday, 15 October 2006 04:40

Want it Both Ways

In our last newsletter, HUNTER’S ALERT stated the mountain lion was not a big game animal. Our proof was that the mountain lion’s reclassification on May 22, 1965 was rendered invalid by Deputy Attorney General Peter Breen on December 12, 1967, case number 472. Their opinion was very clear on this issue.

Published in HA Newsletter 31
Wednesday, 25 January 2006 03:29

Wildlife Commissioners fail Nevada sportsmen

In the past, HUNTER’S ALERT has been critical of some of the Wildlife commissioners, particularly the five who were appointed to represent sportsmen. Representation of sportsmen has been almost non-existent on their part. When you read the series of articles entitled It Happened that Way, it will upset most sportsmen.
Published in HA Newsletter 30
Monday, 23 January 2006 06:03

Hunters Alert Right Again!

In the last newsletter, we reprinted a letter from Bud to NDOW director Terry Crawforth requesting information. In the same newsletter, we stated also that we wouldn’t get any straight answers from him. HUNTER’S ALERT wanted to prove Terry Crawforth would rather spend money on law enforcement personnel than on biologists. You can see how he ducked and dodged the questions by his evasive answers. Following are the questions with Terry Crawforth’s responses.
Published in HA Newsletter 30
Monday, 02 January 2006 20:19


The people in Bud’s article, “Ten people who have screwed up hunting in Nevada”, are the reason we have lost the majority of our deer. In addition, they are responsible for the mess that has been created in Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). All of the people Bud listed were in a position to make NDOW a better agency. They had the power to do this but they chose not to.


The question is “Why”? Was it stupidity, selfishness or power? Was it not caring or being protected by an elected official? Each of these individuals failed the sportsmen in their own way. Let’s review them and see what category they fell into.

Number 1: Willie Molini. He was being protected by Governor Bob Miller and Senator Bill Raggio. For this reason he could do whatever he wanted and nothing (like termination) was going to happen to him. He was right.

Number 2: Governor Bob Miller. The former governor should go in the “care less” category. He could care less about sportsmen’s concerns. If it wasn’t a basketball, it wasn’t
considered a sport to him.

Number 3: Terry Crawforth. Another individual who could be placed in the “care less” category. He could not have cared less about the Game Bureau. All that mattered to him was more law enforcement.

Number 4: Governor Kenny Guinn. Strictly power. As governor no one is going to do anything to him other than print the truth about his not caring about sportsmen’s issues.

Number 5: Senator Bill Raggio. Absolutely the worst abuse of power an individual could have. His attitude was “ to hell with everyone and everything. I‘m the lord and master.” To sportsmen, he was the supreme bad politician.

Published in HA Newsletter 29

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