All sportsmen and users of public lands in Clark County need to be aware that the attempt to close substantial areas in both the northern and southern parts of the county are continu­ing. Environmental activists and animal rights groups are persisting in the attempt to persuade the U.S. Forest Service and BLM that the tortoise should be given priority over people when it comes to access to public lands. (Sadly, these agencies seem to need very little convincing in that restricting access to land has been a primary goal for years.)

Published in HA Newsletter 03

Just when you thought it was over, removing 733,400 acres for multiple use, here they come again. There are four federal agencies that can restrict your land use. They are the Forest Service (FS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NFS), and United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

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Congressmen Bilbray and Vucanovich and Senator Reid were each sent the following letter by HUNTER'S ALERT. The question asked was: The Bureau of Land Management has a proposal for wilderness in Nevada. Are you going to favor their proposal or ask for an increase or decrease in their propos­al? Listed below are their responses.
Published in HA Newsletter 02
Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


HUNTER'S ALERT would like to thank all of you for becoming mem­bers. Your support will make hunt­ing and fishing better in our state. We apologize for not getting our newsletter out sooner but we have been fighting for your hunting and fishing rights in the meantime.

It is apparent from the hundreds of comments and replies we have received that there is a need for an organization such as HUNTER'S ALERT. Because the need has been demonstrated, we feel confident to proceed with developing a board of directors and a set of bylaws. We urge your support and your active participation in this process in order to obtain our goal of improving hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Nevada.

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Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


The following text is an excerpt from a Review-Journal article writ­ten by Keith Rogers, printed in the November 24,1991 issue.


On a chilly November day last year, hunter Jack Anderson climbed the rocky terrain of a peak near Carp, a Union Pacific railroad stop in Meadow Valley Wash at the foot of the Mormon Mountains, 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Published in HA Newsletter 01
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