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Elko County Wildlife Board Got it Right

Reprinted from the Elko Daily Free Press

By Charlie Myers - 

I attended several hours of the Nevada Commission on Wildlife’s board meeting held in Elko recently. Two items of concern to me were the sage grouse hunting season and predator control.

The hunting season for sage grouse came up on the agenda; each County Advisory Board (CAB) made their recommendation to the Wildlife Commission. The Elko CAB recommended a one-week reduction in sage grouse hunting. Several other rural CABs made the same recommendation.

There was a brief discussion by the board and an NDOW biologist, Mr. Espinoza. His comments to the board did not agree with the CABs as he felt the “wing” program had too many advantages to reduce the week the CABs were requesting.

The board vote 6 to 3 to not reduce the sage grouse hunting season. So, I want to get this all straight. Not all hunters put their “wings” in the barrels, which makes the data skewed to start with, interesting. Then take into account that our Wildlife Commission wouldn’t reduce by one week the hunting season on a bird that very well could get listed under the Endangered Species Act. The bird that is being managed under the BLM Interim Management Policy — a policy which is probably stricter than being listed as an Endangered Species. The bird that has already caused the loss of the China Wind Project and several million dollars in tax revenue to Elko County.

But we are going to continue to hunt this bird. The bird that caused the loss of 60,000 acres in oil and gas leases and the loss of that revenue to Elko County. A bird because of its habitat caused another 100,000 acres in possible leases to not even be considered, worth another $2.7 million. Yet we continue to hunt a bird that could negatively impact 11 states, Elko County and every resident and rancher in our area.

Our CAB got it right, reduce the hunting season. The sage grouse is already negatively impacting our county; where’s the logic in not supporting our CABs recommendation?

It was mentioned that less than 10 percent get taken during hunting season. To me, if we took our CAB’s recommendation that could be up to 10 percent more sage grouse we wouldn’t have to worry about impacting the numbers for listing. The numbers may be small but we need to do everything possible to keep this bird from listing.

Predator control of ravens needs to be a priority as we deal with sage grouse. I came to the realization during the Wildlife Commission meeting that NDOW would get exactly what they wanted, as there were several 6 to 3 votes that day, regardless of the negative impacts to our state and county. In my opinion many on that board that day did not support their counties or hunters.

If the sage grouse gets listed the impact to Elko County will be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Many outdoor activities that many people enjoy will be limited or gone, family ranches will be impacted and economic development will most certainly take a huge hit as well. But, let’s keep hunting them just because ...


Charlie Myers is an Elko County Commissioner.

Published in Online Articles
My name is Cecil Fredi and I have lived in Las Vegas for 64 years. For many of those years, I deer hunted and everyone in the hunting group took home a nice big buck. Those days have been gone for years. Nineteen years ago, I helped form a group called HUNTER’S ALERT. Our primary purpose was to inform sportsmen that we have a predator problem and that something needed to be done about it. We have mailed 31 newsletters resulting in over a quarter of a million copies distributed throughout the state as well as other states. Every issue stated we had a predator problem and what other states were doing about their problem. It wasn’t like NDOW and the Wildlife Commission were not made aware of the fact that we had a serious predator problem for many years. 
Published in HA Newsletter 32
Monday, 01 October 2007 04:34

HUNTER’S ALERT Right again!

We hate to continue using this for the title of an article. But as long as the Wildlife commissioners and NDOW keep furnishing us with the material, HUNTER’S ALERT will continue to print it. HUNTER’S ALERT has stated many times that it doesn’t do any good to attend a County Advisory Board meeting or a Wildlife Commission meeting.
Published in HA Newsletter 32
Saturday, 04 February 2006 09:39

The system doesn’t work

If a sportsman has an idea and wants to make a change on a hunting issue, what is the procedure? If it is an item that requires action, it must be presented to a county advisory board to manage wildlife (CABMW) three days prior to the meeting. If it is put on the CABMW agenda, it will be thoroughly discussed and voted upon.

Published in HA Newsletter 30

I am being told that Nevada Department of Wildlife‘s  (NDOW’s) legislative proposals have already been submitted. If this is true, then this board, along with others, have been treated worse than a mushroom. They have kept you in the dark, but failed to throw you their b.s in time for you to do anything about it.. If you choose to oppose any of NDOW’s bill proposals, you will have to do that at the Legislature because the proposals have already been submitted. It appears that the advisory boards were conveniently left out on some of their proposals and for this reason, it is apparent that they didn’t want your opinion because as usual, your opinion doesn’t count.  The Game Bureau was told all of their bill draft proposals would have to be submitted to the Legislative Committee for approval. However, only Law Enforcement proposals weren’t required to be submitted to the Legislative Committee for approval. Law enforcement proposals were sent directly for bill draft regardless of what the Committee decided. Perhaps after you review the Legislative Committee’s proposals, you may want to submit a petition to change the name from the Nevada Department of Wildlife to the Nevada Department of Law Enforcement!

Published in HA Newsletter 28
Tuesday, 30 September 2003 17:00

Wildlife commissioners let sportsmen down

The future of Nevada deer hunting is bleak. It has taken years of mismanagement by Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) to destroy our once famous deer herds. And it will take years for these herds to recover. The fault lies with the Wildlife Commission, former administrator Willie Molini and current director Terry Crawforth. Terry Crawforth has held this position for five years. Let’s review his list of non-accomplishments during his tenure.

Published in HA Newsletter 27
Tuesday, 30 September 2003 17:00

Who is responsible for the loss of our deer?

Last year’s deer harvest was the lowest in fifty years. Why did this happen? Or a better question yet would be, "Who let this happen?" For fourteen years, NDOW has had their usual five excuses: drought, wildfire, bad winter, juniper-pinion pine and cheat grass. But, alas, they have added some new ones---not their mismanagement or their refusal to do any predator control.

Published in HA Newsletter 27
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00

Miller was NOT a good steward to wildlife

In the last two weeks, many Nevada newspapers have run articles about the accomplishments of Governor Bob Miller. In the fairness of good journalism, the other side of the story should be told. Bob Miller demonstrated for ten years that he was no friend of Nevada sportsmen.

Published in HA Newsletter 18
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00


Below are the major changes and why sportsmen need this bill passed.

Published in HA Newsletter 18

On April 6, Governor Miller sent a letter to the county advisory boards to manage wildlife. He asked the boards to submit nominations to either reappoint or replace three wildlife commissioners whose terms expired on June 30. They were all sportsman's representatives: Bill Bradley from Reno, Don Cavin from Hawthorne, and Jelindo Tiberti from Las Vegas

Published in HA Newsletter 16
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