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Biologists love to use the term “science” to declare absolutes for game management. In this issue, you will read that there is no absolute. In this newsletter, you will read articles by three different authors that have proven that biologists are not always right when using “ science”  to formulate game management policy.


Recently, a television documentary called “When Forensics Fail” told the stories of people who had been convicted of murder based on science. They were convicted using fire, poisons, fingerprints and even bite marks as the primary evidence. The science used to convict them was faulty and all were eventually exonerated.


I guess NDOW’s science, unlike other government agencies has never been wrong. For those of you who defend NDOW’s science as being so infallible, why hasn’t their science been applied to saving our deer population? After all, they have had twenty years to use their science on this project. For sure, no one could dispute whatever science NDOW is using on our mule deer is not working. This is especially true when science is used to kill 987 does in Elko County.


The truth is NDOW is not going to, doesn’t want to and doesn’t know how to bring back our deer. So much for NDOW’s science. They are a disgrace to the sportsmen who pay their wages.

Published in HA Newsletter 34
Wednesday, 30 September 1998 17:00


Many of you are receiving the HUNTER'S ALERT newsletter for the first time HUNTER'S ALERT thought it was important to send this newsletter to you because YOU are important. You are important because you are a hunter who is a registered voter. There are over 37.000 hunters who vote in our state. This is a very large number and much can be accomplished if hunters vote for candidates who are supportive of hunting issues.

Published in HA Newsletter 17

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