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More Predator News

Steve Smith, a rancher and lion hunter in Arizona, wrote an article that originally appeared in Western Hunting Magazine and was reprinted in Deer Times-Fall, 2007 magazine. The title was Out of Balance: One Expert’s Commentary on Mountain Lions, Mule Deer and Wildlife Mismanagement.


The author made many valid points and HUNTER’ S ALERT would like to compare his views with those of HUNTER’S ALERT.

Published in HA Newsletter 34

An article written in the Deer Times, Fall 2007  by Floyd Green proves predator control works. The article entitled, “Managing Mountain Lions in a Desert Sheep Unit” shows when people open their minds and listen, they will realize the damage that lions are doing to our game . Following is a brief synopsis of the article along with HUNTER’S ALERT comments that will be emphasized in bold print.


In 1981, the Arizona Game & Fish Department (AGFD) supplemented Desert Sheep in Unit 22. Within a few years, the sheep population had grown and sport hunting was authorized in the area. The area turned out to be a premier area producing big rams. The area was so productive they were transplanting sheep from this unit to other units within the state.

Published in HA Newsletter 34
Monday, 02 January 2006 20:23

From good friend to no friend

A public letter to Terry Crawforth

Being eighty years old now with time slipping away so fast, I am compelled to write this overdue letter to you, Terry Crawforth, to refresh your memory of my history that led to my becoming a victim of your corrupt system of which you are now the current director, NDOW. My problems started with the Fish and Game back in 1948 at the age of 23 in Hawthorne, Nevada with my intention of becoming a lion hunter in my naïve attempt to help control some of the livestock depredations the farmers and livestockmen were suffering. Two U.S. senators, Alan Bible and Howard Cannon fifty years ago were incited to go to Washington, D.C. to seek federal aid for Nevada’s serious predator problem. Terry Crawforth, after fifty years the problem still exists today--and worse--because of you.

Published in HA Newsletter 29
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00



Senate Bill 127 was requested by HUNTER'S ALERT for a bill draft almost a year before the 1997 legislative session was to begin. One of the most important parts of this bill was that all county advisory boards to manage wildlife would submit nominations to the governor of qualified people for appointment to the Wildlife Commission. The governor would then be required to select from these lists. Knowledgeable people who have attended county advisory board and Wildlife Commission meetings would then have a chance to be appointed to the Commission. These are people who have donated their time without pay or perks involved. People who know fish and game issues, not just who know the governor. This is grass roots government - for the people -by the people.

Published in HA Newsletter 14

Good morning. My name is Cecil Fredi. I am president of HUNTER'S ALERT. What has caused all the furor over the mountain lion? To answer this question, we must start with the very basic question, what is hunting? Hunting exists for one reason: It is the humane way to harvest surplus game birds and animals. If there were no surplus, do we need hunters and hunting? The answer is absolutely not. If you were an anti-hunter, how would you insure that there is no surplus? You would protect predators and let them remove the surplus. That's exactly what the antis are doing to eliminate hunting. Mountain lion protection is a pure and simple anti-hunting measure.

Published in HA Newsletter 11
Thursday, 31 October 1996 17:00


The National Shooting Sports Foundation has published a booklet with the above title. The booklet has position statements regarding hunting from major conservation and preservation organizations.

Published in HA Newsletter 11

HUNTER'S ALERT has been saying it for years and never has it been more evident. The people appointed as sportsmen to the Wildlife Commission are not representing them. The exception is Don Cavin who is outnumbered and its too early to evaluate Bill Bradley. However, the majority, Chairman Brown, Commissioners Tiberti and Matorian have been a disappointment to the sportsmen they are supposed to represent. They have shown their true colors (green) over the mountain lion issue.

Published in HA Newsletter 11
Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


The state of California has proven to be the leading state to "protect predators". After all, they were the first state to protect a non-endangered big game predator, the mountain Son. Now their director wants to make it extremely difficult to hunt another predator, bear. Following are excerpts from a statement issued by Boyd Gibbons, Director of California Department of Fish and Game.

Published in HA Newsletter 05

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