Deer hunting in Nevada is an immensely popular activity, with, in a normal year, 50,000 - 75,000 people applying for deer tags. Of course, it goes without saying that you need deer, in quantity, to fill even a portion of the demand.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


On numerous occasions, the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) has been less than truthful with the sportsmen in our state. This was the case yet again at the September Wildlife Commission meeting in Henderson. At this meeting, Greg Tanner, chief of NDOW's Game Management Bureau, gave a report on the findings regarding predation on bighorn sheep in southern Nevada.

Published in HA Newsletter 14

If there were a three strike law for a commissioner not representing sportsmen, Commissioner Tiberti would surely be OUT. Commissioner Tiberti's latest blunder came during the November, 1996 Clark County Advisory Board meeting.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


Wouldn't it be nice if every time you wanted money, all you had to do was ask? Nevada Division of Wildlife thought they were going to be able to achieve this with Assembly Bill 47 which they sponsored.

Published in HA Newsletter 14

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah wildlife officials hope a new plan allowing hunters to kill more than 600 cougars, or more than a quarter of the state's cougar population, will increase deer herds.

We don't have an absolute knowledge that we'll bring back the deer herds by increasing the lion kill," said state cougar biologist Boyde Blackwell.

"But cougars are one component keeping deer herds down. We want to remove one of the pressures on deer herds."...

Spanish Fork hunter Kim Hansen said that cougars are costing Utah $2.6 million in mule deer sales each year.

"The cougars need to be taken care of now and managed later" said Hansen. Excerpts from Reno Gazette Journal, August 30, 1996

Ed. note: Utah is doing something about their lion problem. But NDOW and the Wildlife Commission refuse to acknowledge we have a problem in Nevada.

Published in HA Newsletter 13
Friday, 31 May 1996 17:00


At last, someone in the Nevada Division of Wildlife has the nerve to stand up and make a statement about the mountain lion. At the May 4 Wildlife Commission meeting, biologist Stan Stiver made the following statement: "In rough calculations, the folks that say that mountain lions take a lot more deer than hunters do are absolutely correct. I mean mountain lions probably take ten times the number than hunters do." Now HUNTER'S ALERT asks the following: Why didn't the Wildlife Commissioners do something to correct this? We keep saying sportsmen have no representation and this proves it.

Published in HA Newsletter 12

Apparently using the mathematical system invented by Louis Farrakhan(you know, 1 +1 =19, or 400,000 = 200,000), the Nevada Division of Wildlife announced a sharp increase in deer tags this year, an additional 7,000 tags, up 34 percent from last year.

Published in HA Newsletter 12

Many important things have happened since the last newsletter. HUNTER'S ALERT wants to give credit to those who deserve it and expose those who have hurt sportsmen in our state. So let's put them in their appropriate houses.

Published in HA Newsletter 12

Call it youth, call it inexperience, or call it something less kind but Wildlife Commissioner Jelindo Tiberti showed why he should not have been re-appointed to the Wildlife Commission. At the January Wildlife Commission meeting Tiberti challenged HUNTER'S ALERT to prove that Nevada Division of Wildlife had purchased $25,000 worth of books from Defenders of Wildlife, a proven antihunting organization. The majority of sportsmen in attendance wanted something done about the mountain lion in our state. But Commissioner Tiberti chose not to represent them and instead to try to find fault with the HUNTER'S ALERT newsletter.

You would have thought Commissioner Tiberti would have learned his lesson since HUNTER'S ALERT subsequently J issued a challenge to him. If HUNTER'S ALERT could not prove the expenditure was made, then Mr. Tiberti could buy a table at our banquet. Mr. Tiberti failed to respond knowing fully well he shot himself in the boot and could not back it up.

Published in HA Newsletter 12
Thursday, 31 October 1996 17:00


At the January 20, 1996 Wildlife Commission meeting, administrator Molini sang the praises of the Division regarding the fact that the Division has not been taken to court by the antis over the hunting of mountain lion in our state. He stated, Twenty years ago we started an intensive mountain lion study. David Ashman was our biologist, our lead biologist. That was his full-time job. We marked over 100 mountain lions and determined home ranges with a total effort at trying to determine the mountain lion population in this state. We have had individuals, and most of you on the Commission know them, tracking our mountain lion progress for that twenty years. We have never been to court. Those same people took us to court twice on bobcats and they failed both times. I believe firmly and I might be wrong, but I believe that they have not taken us to court on mountain lions because we have had good data, we've had a good harvest program, it hasn't been challengeable in court and I think we have been in the lead on this business."

HUNTER'S ALERT responds: Mr. Molini, you have done exactly

what the antis wanted. They do not want hunters of any type. They want predator numbers to increase in order to harvest the surplus game birds and animals. That's exactly what has taken place and because of this they aren't going to take you to court. You are the best friend they have. However, to the sportsmen of our state who have lost 70% of the deer population and the majority of the sheep on Sheep Mountain, you are a disgrace. Many people believe that when you resign, retire, or get fired, you will go "green" HUNTER'S ALERT would certainly not doubt that!

Published in HA Newsletter 11
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