Friday, 30 September 1994 17:00


Many guides have come forth acknowledging what a serious predator problem we have in our state but they were reluctant to put it in writing because of fear of reprisal from NDOW. Doesn't that bring to mind visions of World War II Nazi SS troops who persecuted people for speaking out against their government? We have secured statements from some of these guides with the promise that we will not use their names for fear of reprisal. We will call them Guides A, B and C. Below are their stories.

Published in HA Newsletter 08

Recent highly publicized attacks on humans and domestic animals by mountain lions in California could lead to that state's voters reversing a 1990 initiative that removes mountain lions from management by the state's wildlife agency and sets aside $30 million a year for 30 years for purchasing California wildlife habitat.

Published in HA Newsletter 07

Bishop — Mountain lions are among suspected miscreants in the steady decline of deer numbers, as state wildlife officials in California's Eastern Sierra enter the second year of a comprehensive deer study....

The study began in 1993 with the collaring of 39 deer, but a year later, 18 of the radio-collared muleys had died. Bleich said 11 of those animals were killed by mountain lions, three fell to coyotes, two were legally taken by hunters, one died of winter starvation and another was killed by a passing car.

Ed. note: That sounds like Nevada-78% by predators, 11% by hunters.

Published in HA Newsletter 07
Monday, 28 February 1994 17:00


When blacktail deer began destroying showcase vegetables at Ardenwood Park in Fremont, California, state Fish and Game Department officials determined the only reasonable alternative was to issue depredation permits so park officials could kill the marauding deer and salvage the meat for charity

However, some local citizens protested the plan, and applied enough pressure to force the park and state to relocate the animals

ID a roundup that eventually cost $100,000, twenty-seven deer were captured and relocated to the Ohlone Wilderness of Alameda County in December. Within two months, at least sixteen of the deer were dead, most of them killed by mountain lions. R.L.

Published in HA Newsletter 06
Monday, 28 February 1994 17:00


The drought, the drought, the drought What excuse would you expect NDOW administrator Molini to use? I’m incompetent, I’m a dismal failure to the sportsmen in our state? I’m just putting in my time till retirement and could care less about our game situation? I refuse to acknowledge the predator problem because I don't went to upset the-anti's, or heaven for bid--HUNTER'S ALERT was right all along.

Published in HA Newsletter 06
Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


...Just prior to hunting season NDOW removed chukar from Clark County and planted them in Lincoln County?

...At an Interim Finance Committee meeting, NDOW director Will Molini was told about the decimation of our deer herds by mountain lions. Mr. Molini's reply was, "Why we are just lucky to be able to hunt mountain lion. You can't hunt them at all in California." Now that's what we call solving the predator problem! ...Governor Miller is so bad that even his friend Bill Clinton hasn't given him a position..

Published in HA Newsletter 05
Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


Newell, "Newt" Bundy has been a cowboy all his Me. Most of this fife has been spent in Nevada and Southern Utah. With so much time spent outdoors, Newt has seen the changes. Here are excerpts from his testimony given about the desert tortoise.

Published in HA Newsletter 05
Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


Mahlon Brown is chairman of Nevada's Board of Wildlife Commissioners. He was appointed by Governor Miller and is supposed to represent the sportsmen of Nevada, He is an attorney who has hunted very little. If he were out in the field he would know how the mountain lion has decimated our once famous Nevada deer herds. He would also know that in the last fifteen years the mountain lion has increased in numbers from 600 to over 1600. He should also know that there were only 204 mountain lion killed last year by all methods (depredation, autos, and hunters) in our state. He should know that 150 of these mountain lion were taken by hunters with the use of dogs. It is quite apparent that he knows very little because the following letter was sent by Mr. Brown to the Chirk County Wildlife Advisory Board.

Published in HA Newsletter 05

Just about the time you figured NDOW Director Will Mofini and the Wildlife Commission had inflicted all the damage they could to the hunters in our state, they have proved us wrong. They have stooped to a new low by aligning themselves with a well-known antihunting organization. Defenders of Wildlife was formed to protect predators. By protecting predators, there is no need for hunting or hunters. Here are some of the Defenders of Wildlife's comments.

Published in HA Newsletter 05

During the 1980's, in Sweden and Finland, the precalf or the wintering population of moose was 400,000 animals and increasing. In British Colombia [sic], it was 240,000 and decreasing. In British Colombia [sic], you have a winter population of 240,000 moose and after calving season they killed only 12,000 animals which is a 5% off take (harvest rate). In Sweden and Finland, however, they had 400,000 moose and guess how many they killed in the fall? They killed 240,000 moose which is a 57% offtake.

Now the two main differences, I don't want to imply that there is not vegetation differences and other things, but the two major differences are: British Colombia [sic] has somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 wolves, all sorts of bears grizzly bears and black bears which are important predators, and mountain lions. Sweden and Finland have none of the above.

It's been said that hunters and wolves don't compete for the same annuals. That's not true. They compete directly for the same animals.

Reprinted from The Abundant Wildlife Society newsletter.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
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