Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


If you were one of the 16221 people who drew a deer tag this year you had reason to celebrate. Just five yean ago there were 57,134 deer tags available to the hunters in our state. To put it another way, we have lost 72% of our available deer tags in just five yean. In addition, the money generated from those tags is also lost. This not only hurts game programs but private business as well. HUNTER'S ALERT checked with some of the Southern Nevada taxidermists and meat processing plants. Here are some of their comments.

Published in HA Newsletter 05
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game completed a study in 1991. The results show that Alaska's moose, caribou, and wild sheep die as follows: 87.5% to wolves and bears (predators); 10% to miscellaneous; and 2.5% to human harvest (hunters).

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Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00



To determine causes for heavy mortality of mule deer fawns on the Steens Mountains, fawns were captured at 1 to 14 days of age and again at 6 months of age, outfitted with transmitter collars, and monitored at 3 to 5 day intervals. Predators, primarily coyotes, were found to be the primary cause of mortality.

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Thursday, 31 December 1992 17:00


In keeping with his usual style of more government restrictions, Jim Bilbray co-sponsored HR1354 which will make it a felony to trap animals in the United States. This should not come as a surprise to anyone because Mr. Bilbray has stated he is a strong supporter of animal rights issues. Perhaps if Mr. Bilbray would talk to the ranchers in his own state, he would learn something about the outdoors. He would learn there are more predators than ever and they must kill to survive. Mr. Bilbray needs to see with his own eyes a fawn deer or antelope being killed by a pack of coyotes. Where are the rights of that baby animal being eaten alive by a bunch of varmints, Mr. Bilbray? A trapper's bullet is certainly more humane than being eaten alive, wouldn't you say, Mr. Bilbray?

Published in HA Newsletter 02
Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


After years of putting up with abuses and indifferences by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and Board of Wildlife Commissioners, Hunter's Alert, along with sportsmen and sportsĀ­man's groups from around the state, decided they had enough and had bills drafted in Carson City to force legislative changes on NDOW.

Published in HA Newsletter 01
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