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Jim Gibbons Endorsement

Jim Gibbons for Governor 

Dear Fellow Nevada Sportsmen:

I was born and raised in Nevada, and I am proud to be a life-long hunter. It has been an honor and privilege for me to represent Nevada’s citizens over the years as a state legislator and congressman. I hope to also be fortunate enough to win this year’s election, so I can serve as our next Governor.

We have many challenges in our state, and one of those is to protect our right to enjoy outdoor activities, including hunting. That requires each of us to work together to maintain our wildlife habitat and access to Nevada’s outdoors. As our next Governor, I will make sure we have a Department of Wildlife (NDOW) that works to increase our deer population so that we can allow for access to a greater number of allotted tags. An overwhelming percentage of NDOW’s funding comes from us, the law-abiding hunters of Nevada who pay our fees. Under my leadership, you can trust that NDOW will be responsive to the sportsmen who fund it.

From one hunter to the next, you have my pledge that I will be a hands-on Governor and will appoint the most qualified individuals possible to each position in state government. We will do everything in our power to work with fellow sportsmen and sporting groups and associations to preserve our rights and abilities to hunt. But, I can only work with you to accomplish common goals if I have your support.

I am pleased to have earned the Hunter’s Alert endorsement. Please help me further today by volunteering, providing a financial contribution, providing sign locations, writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, or calling your local talk radio stations. I will be a true sportsmen’s Governor, but I need your help to get there. Please contact my campaign and join us today!


Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons

Published in HA Newsletter 30

Since our first newsletter over seven years ago, we have printed sportsmen's comments. Of course, during this lime NDOW and the Wildlife commissioners have refused to act on their concerns. HUNTER'S ALERT will continue to print them until someone starts listening.

Published in HA Newsletter 19
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00


HUNTER'S ALERT continues to receive comments from Nevada sportsmen. We welcome them. Just maybe some day it will wake somebody up!

Published in HA Newsletter 18
Sunday, 31 May 1998 17:00


"Cecil, I just wanted to send my support to you and HUNTER'S ALERT. I received the last issue and cannot believe what NDOW is capable of doing to one of their own. I have hunted Key Pittman on several occasions, always successful due in part to Bart Tanner's diligent game management, not to mention courteous manner in the field with hunters. Instead of harassing Bart, they should hire more like him. Keep up your great program and efforts." G.W., Las Vegas

Published in HA Newsletter 16
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


NDOW and the wildlife commissioners would like everyone to think that there are only one or two sportsmen who do not approve of the way our game is being managed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Former Wildlife Commission chairman Mahlon Brown used to refer to HUNTER'S ALHRT as the "small but vocal group". NDOW in their publication, Nevada Wildlife Almanac, referred to a "vocal sliver" of Nevada's hunters who opposed giving our sheep to Texas. HUNTER'S ALERT gets literally hundreds of letters, calls, or comments about NDOW's mismanagement. Listed below are but a few

Published in HA Newsletter 15

At the May 4, 1996 Wildlife Commission meeting, two thousand sportsmen had written to Commissioner Cavin about their concerns regarding the mountain lion. Commissioner Cavin could not have represented the sportsmen any better. But as usual, the other Wildlife Commissioners did not listen to sportsmen's concerns. Here were Commissioner Gavin's comments. "But the 1945 post cards and 5 letters all say we've got to do something to reduce the mountain lions in the state of Nevada. And I think basically- -the big thing they're concerned with is the cost and it went everything in the reduction from bounties to trapping. The big thing is they want to drastically reduce the mountain lion population right now and they didn't much care how we did it. They also wanted to do it now. They want to see some action right now...they don't want to wait five years to get something done about it. It's kind of like the Desert Range now where the lion problem is a problem and we have known about it and we haven't done anything about it. That's then big concern...! might say that—I will say that the majority of them are unhappy as the devil about the Division and the Commission and the mountain lion situation the way it is today concerning the deer harvest. The number one problem is start doing something now. Don't wail till he five year plan to go into effect. We'd like to see some action right now." The post card sent jointly by HUNTER'S ALERT and Safari Club International Desert Chapter said: Dear Mr. Cavin: "Deer hunting is going downhill and I believe the mountain lions are the main reason. I want something done to reduce the number of mountain lions in our state. My Comments:

Below is just a sampling of some of the 1945 comments:

Published in HA Newsletter 13
Friday, 31 May 1996 17:00

SPORTSMEN SPEAK!!! Summer 1996

Can thousands of sportsmen in our state be wrong about the Nevada Division of Wildlife? HUNTER'S ALERT doesn't think so. Below are a few of the comments we have received since our last newsletter.

Published in HA Newsletter 12
Wednesday, 15 February 2006 06:41

Comment - Our Readers Respond

“Loved your article on “Ten Most Wanted”. Cool. Keep up the good work.” E.B., Kemmerer, WY.

“Kick their ass!” D.C., Reno, NV

“Please keep sending HUNTER’S ALERT. We will get those bastards out of office.” B.P., Las Vegas, NV

“Keep it up. Lets try and clean up a corrupt department. (NDOW). Thanks.”  G.S., Carson City, NV

“Keep up the good work and thanks.” R.T., Sparks, NV

“Keep up the good fight. Thank you. You have helped open up my eyes to how NDOW doesn’t work!” B.L., Las Vegas, NV

Published in HA Newsletter 30
Friday, 03 February 2006 05:17

Comment - Readers Respond

My personal congratulations to HUNTER’S ALERT for such a totally complete, powerful, accurate, informing issue! If only every sportsman could come by a copy of this issue! For sixty years, I myself have been doing battle with this wildlife bureaucracy to no avail. When I learned about HUNTER’S ALERT, I immediately joined to become a part of it. HUNTER’S ALERT quotes my own sentiments verbatim.

I have received the last two copies of the U.S. Observer with the revealing and expose articles pertaining to Nevada’s disappearing wildlife and reckless bird and game mismanagement that has been taking place, that you and HUNTER’S ALERT have been pursuing and bringing to the sportsmen’s and our elected officials’ attention for so many years, not only in the sportsmen’s interest, but the benefit and welfare of our past once plentiful wildlife. All of Nevada’s sportsmen have poured millions of dollars into the Fish and Game Department salaries to manage as educated wildlife management experts only to end up with a critical--admitted wildlife, mule deer and popular sage grouse shortages, insured by the obvious overpopulations of protected predators, mainly the coyotes, bobcats and lions.

I cannot believe what you and Bud Sonnentag are accomplishing for the state and its paying sportsmen. As always, keep up the good work you represent and are doing for the rest of us in Nevada.

Nevada Jim Ornellas

Published in HA Newsletter 30

“I sure appreciate your good work. We need to do full battle against these morons.” J.G., Las Vegas

“Thanks for your efforts!” A.S., Henderson

“Keep up the good work!” H.P., Moapa, J.H., Carson City, R.F., Las Vegas, V.E., Las Vegas, G.K., Las Vegas, D. & D. C., Reno

“Wildlife Commission sucks.” D.C., Reno

“Just read your Fall 2003 publication. I can’t believe my eyes!! I’m a 50 year Nevada resident; what can I do to help our cause?” K.I., Reno

“Keep up the good work” “NDOW director makes too much money. I also have been applying for Nevada elk 26 years and mountain goat 26 years. Something wrong with bonus point system.”  R.G., Hawthorne

“I am very angry with NDOW over the rancher in Mina named Bob Eddy. They (NDOW) should be cited for their illegal activities! NDOW has way too much authority and should be more regulated and better managed. Keep up the good work and please keep us informed on all their activities.” J.M., Fallon

Published in HA Newsletter 28
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