Currently there is a best-selling book by Bernard Goldberg titled One Hundred People who are Screwing up America. The book names these people and the destruction they have done. Playing on this theme, it occurred to me, why not let all Nevadans, especially sportsmen, know who screwed up this state’s wonderful deer herd by exposing the corrupt public officials who were and are responsible. Through research and investigation I have settled on these following ten as the most notorious culprits of destruction.

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Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:34

Nevada Deer Hunters Alert!

It is quite apparent that our deer herds will not be brought back during our era. However, with your help, perhaps the deer herds can be salvaged for your children or grandchildren. Why do we make such a statement? Let’s get down to the very basics.

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Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:32

Nevada hunters take notice!

Kayne Robinson replaced Charlton Heston as president of the NRA (National Rifle Association) on April 28, 2003. He is a straight forward, tell-it-like-it-is sort of guy. In the Shot Business magazine (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) of January, 2004 he gave an interview and one of the questions asked of him was “What do you see as the barriers to the continuation of the shooting sports?”  Following is his response in its entirety to this question.  We will then compare his concerns to what Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is doing.

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Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:32

More NDOW Mismanagement

During the last legislative session, Assemblyman Jerry Claborn asked the NDOW Director, Terry Crawforth if now that NDOW just received $7 million because of increases in fees, wasn’t there enough money to hire another biologist. Terry Crawforth emphatically stated no. 

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Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:14

NDOW…Let’s just trash the constitution!

Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and the Wildlife Commissioners want…more rules, more regulations, more law enforcement and less game. For years HUNTER’S ALERT has told you that NDOW”s main focus is on law enforcement, not producing more game for sportsmen. Here is proof of what we have stated. NDOW and the Wildlife Commissioners have come up with their proposals for the next legislative session. It consists of thirty six pages of more law enforcement, nothing, repeat nothing to bring back our deer. Not only deer, but nothing for game of any type!

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Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:05

A Bureaucracy Run Amuck

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is a prime example of the typical bureaucratic scheme out of control. Mr. Terry Crawforth, the head of this rogue department of Nevada’s executive branch of government, is primarily interested in acquiring additional funding (direct or indirect taxation through fee increases, licenses, stamps, permits, etc.) expanding the size of his dominion and promoting his own agenda (his background is law enforcement) with little or no input from the thousands of sportsmen he is sworn to serve. Rather than focusing on the traditional priorities of a wildlife department such as the propagation of fish and game, safeguarding sportsmen’s rights to enjoy the resource and a myriad of other positive pursuits, he seems determined to turn his department into a “law enforcement” agency under a “trumped up” concern with poaching which he would have others believe has reached epidemic proportions. And why not? Most of his immediate crew would much prefer the glamorous life of sitting in a new Excursion (their vehicle of choice) in a freshly pressed uniform with gun and badge - talking on a radio, compared to venturing out into the desert with shovel in hand or driving a front loader to create a water project for game. Evidence of Mr. Crawforth’s obsession with law enforcement is readily available. Several months ago he and a few of his cronies proposed a ban on four wheelers (ATV’s) when used in hunting off  roads or trails. In addition, he has promoted the concept of licensing all off road vehicles, with his department receiving a share of the proceeds. This would, of course, require substantially  more law enforcement to check thousands of vehicle registrations and keep violators from trespassing on what is presently open land, freely accessible. This restriction on ATV use and the licensing of such will be presented to the State Legislature in a package of desired bill drafts at the next session. Also included in the request for legislation will be an expansion on game wardens’ authority to establish “administrative roadblocks” virtually anywhere they please, rather than on state highways only, as the law presently provides. Mr. Crawforth’s preoccupation with law enforcement is obvious as the latest published report shows him spending $2.8 million on game and $2.3 million on law enforcement which produces no revenue. That priority comes at the expense of biological programs and habitat studies and projects which would create more fish and game. The irony, of course, is the fact that hunters and fishermen are asked to fund that which will be used to regulate, restrict and control their involvement in the sport they love. (Sportsmen’s money comprises approximately 97 percent of the department’s revenue) As mentioned above the sportsmen have very little say in the situation. One would think that the Wildlife Commission which has oversight over Mr. Crawforth and the Department of Wildlife, would give balance to his excesses, in fact, just the opposite is true. You see, Mr. Crawforth is the “secretary” of that commission -  a body which is charged with regulating his department. In reality, The Wildlife Commission has “rubber stamped” practically every goal or priority he has submitted! While it is true that “citizens” are allowed to be heard at Commission meetings, the comparative few that can take time from their employment to speak are virtual voices in the wilderness when compared to influence of the Commission’s “secretary” whom they look to for guidance. The concerns of the “people” are drowned out as Mr. Crawforth hobnobs with the commissioners during lunches, retreats, parties at commissioners’ homes and other “off the record” contacts. The sportsman’s voice is relegated to the status of nuisance, something which must be endured at official meetings. Then, that which has been contemplated, if not actually agreed to, can be instituted as if the process were actually legitimate. The whole procedure is a scam and has led to a wholesale lack of confidence in a structure which was originally devised to produce fish and game and a wholesome recreation for the sportsmen of the state. With this type of leadership, the sportsmen and the natural resource continue to suffer.
Published in HA Newsletter 28

I am being told that Nevada Department of Wildlife‘s  (NDOW’s) legislative proposals have already been submitted. If this is true, then this board, along with others, have been treated worse than a mushroom. They have kept you in the dark, but failed to throw you their b.s in time for you to do anything about it.. If you choose to oppose any of NDOW’s bill proposals, you will have to do that at the Legislature because the proposals have already been submitted. It appears that the advisory boards were conveniently left out on some of their proposals and for this reason, it is apparent that they didn’t want your opinion because as usual, your opinion doesn’t count.  The Game Bureau was told all of their bill draft proposals would have to be submitted to the Legislative Committee for approval. However, only Law Enforcement proposals weren’t required to be submitted to the Legislative Committee for approval. Law enforcement proposals were sent directly for bill draft regardless of what the Committee decided. Perhaps after you review the Legislative Committee’s proposals, you may want to submit a petition to change the name from the Nevada Department of Wildlife to the Nevada Department of Law Enforcement!

Published in HA Newsletter 28
Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:03

Let’s bury “Politically Correct”

Being politically correct has been the thing to be for the last twenty years for politicians and government employees. In reality, it has buried us in actually doing what is correct. Let’s examine how being politically correct has hurt sportsmen in our state.

Published in HA Newsletter 28

1. NDOW excuses are up to ten and the number is rising for the decline of our deer but none of the excuses include predators.

Published in HA Newsletter 28
Thursday, 28 October 2004 01:59

Attention Hunters

In the next legislative session, just like the last one, NDOW and the Wildlife Commission have chosen to sell you out! (See story on page XX) If they have their way, sportsmen will have higher fees, no accountability for sportsmen’s money and many new laws designed to harass hunters. HUNTER’S ALERT finds it amazing that they received a 33 percent increase ($7 million) in the last legislative session and now they want more of sportsmen’s money without any accountability for their $28 million budget. Their legislative package contains no new game projects and the majority of it is more law enforcement. In addition, they refused to do anything in the way of predator control to bring back our deer. Is it stupidity or do they just not want to? No other reason is valid.
Published in HA Newsletter 28
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