In the 2005 legislative session, HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association sponsored a bill to audit a very small part of Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). The bill passed with the help of Assemblyman Jerry Claborn. Jerry realized how badly NDOW was being mismanaged for many years. Getting the bill passed was not easy as NDOW had their favorite puppet, Larry Johnson there testifying against the bill. Larry’s feeble excuse was that NDOW couldn’t afford the audit. As usual, Larry didn’t know what he was talking about as there was no additional cost to perform this audit. Larry failed to realize that if you don’t stand up for what is right, you are wrong.
Published in HA Newsletter 32
My name is Cecil Fredi and I have lived in Las Vegas for 64 years. For many of those years, I deer hunted and everyone in the hunting group took home a nice big buck. Those days have been gone for years. Nineteen years ago, I helped form a group called HUNTER’S ALERT. Our primary purpose was to inform sportsmen that we have a predator problem and that something needed to be done about it. We have mailed 31 newsletters resulting in over a quarter of a million copies distributed throughout the state as well as other states. Every issue stated we had a predator problem and what other states were doing about their problem. It wasn’t like NDOW and the Wildlife Commission were not made aware of the fact that we had a serious predator problem for many years. 
Published in HA Newsletter 32
Sunday, 15 October 2006 05:01

Time for Larry to go!

In the April-June, 2006 NBU (Nevada Bighorns Unlimited) newsletter, Larry Johnson wrote an article entitled "NDOW-An Agency in Crisis".   HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association have stated this for seventeen years. If it takes a person seventeen years to figure this out, that person is not very smart about wildlife issues. That is why it is time for Larry to go. Below are excerpts from Larry’s article and HUNTER’S ALERT’S response.

Published in HA Newsletter 31
In our past writings, we have given you many examples of why Clint Bentley should not have been appointed to the Wildlife Commission.  Here are more reasons for his dismal failure. Mr. Bentley is a member of the Wildlife Damage Management Subcommittee. This is nothing more than a fancy name for a predator control committee which in itself has become a joke. Mr. Bentley should never have even been on this subcommittee as on numerous occasions in the past he has failed to react about the abundance of mountain lions in our state. At a meeting on May 13, 2004 in Reno, Gerald Lent, President of Nevada Hunters Association told the committee it was not doing what the predator money was intended for and that NDOW had never supported this predator program.
Published in HA Newsletter 28
Tuesday, 30 September 2003 17:00

Huge Fee Increases for Sportsmen

Nevada Hunters Association

You can thank the Division of Wildlife and the Wildlife commissioners for sponsoring a $7.5 million fee increase for NDOW in the next two year budget cycle. HUNTER’S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association opposed these huge increases for many reasons.

Published in HA Newsletter 27
Tuesday, 30 September 2003 17:00

Wildlife commissioners let sportsmen down

The future of Nevada deer hunting is bleak. It has taken years of mismanagement by Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) to destroy our once famous deer herds. And it will take years for these herds to recover. The fault lies with the Wildlife Commission, former administrator Willie Molini and current director Terry Crawforth. Terry Crawforth has held this position for five years. Let’s review his list of non-accomplishments during his tenure.

Published in HA Newsletter 27
Tuesday, 30 September 2003 17:00

Another Bad Bill

NDOW sponsored Senate Bill 135 which now makes it a felony instead of a gross misdemeanor for killing a big game animal without a tag.

Published in HA Newsletter 27

Frankie Sue Del Papa covered up many of Willie Molini's shady deals with cost the sportsmen lots of money. This money would have been better used to fund wildlife. After Willie Molini gave the first load of sheep to Texas, he and two wildlife commissioners went on a hunting trip to Texas. When Nevada Hunters Association asked Frankie Sue to investigate to see if Willie and the boys had paid for their own hunt, Frankie Sue refused to publicly produce proof that is was not charged to Willie's expense account.

Published in HA Newsletter 17
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


The timing of this announcement enables Governor Miller and Pete Morros to appoint a new administrator before the new governor takes office next January. Let's see, Molini retires in September, the gubernatorial election takes place in November, and the new governor is seated in January. I guess they figured the sportsmen in the state of Nevada aren't smart enough to figure this out. The 3M Destroyers (Miller, Morros. and Molini) were smart enough to realize one thing, that no other governor would put up with Willie Molini's antics. Rest assured. Miller and Morros will appoint a Willie Molini clone to the vacated position.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00



Senate Bill 127 was requested by HUNTER'S ALERT for a bill draft almost a year before the 1997 legislative session was to begin. One of the most important parts of this bill was that all county advisory boards to manage wildlife would submit nominations to the governor of qualified people for appointment to the Wildlife Commission. The governor would then be required to select from these lists. Knowledgeable people who have attended county advisory board and Wildlife Commission meetings would then have a chance to be appointed to the Commission. These are people who have donated their time without pay or perks involved. People who know fish and game issues, not just who know the governor. This is grass roots government - for the people -by the people.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
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