Monday, 30 September 1996 17:00


You would think that the Nevada Division of Wildlife would have learned through their past favoritism of NDOW employees or relatives. It was because of this kind of favoritism that our legislators saw fit to pass a demerit system during the last session. The demerit system insures that all fish and game violators are treated equally when they are cited. This latest piece of NDOW favoritism was a pure and simple backdoor attempt to give an NDOW employee an edge on his sheep hunt.

Published in HA Newsletter 13
Monday, 30 September 1996 17:00


County votes to draft bill to abolish NDOW

Elko County Commissioners unanimously voted to assist a local sportsman's group and introduce legislation next session to eliminate the Nevada Division of Wildlife and restore its predecessor, the Nevada Fish and Game Commission.

Published in HA Newsletter 13

Call it youth, call it inexperience, or call it something less kind but Wildlife Commissioner Jelindo Tiberti showed why he should not have been re-appointed to the Wildlife Commission. At the January Wildlife Commission meeting Tiberti challenged HUNTER'S ALERT to prove that Nevada Division of Wildlife had purchased $25,000 worth of books from Defenders of Wildlife, a proven antihunting organization. The majority of sportsmen in attendance wanted something done about the mountain lion in our state. But Commissioner Tiberti chose not to represent them and instead to try to find fault with the HUNTER'S ALERT newsletter.

You would have thought Commissioner Tiberti would have learned his lesson since HUNTER'S ALERT subsequently J issued a challenge to him. If HUNTER'S ALERT could not prove the expenditure was made, then Mr. Tiberti could buy a table at our banquet. Mr. Tiberti failed to respond knowing fully well he shot himself in the boot and could not back it up.

Published in HA Newsletter 12
Thursday, 31 October 1996 17:00


It all started in February, 1979 when my hunting partner, taxidermist Hagan Thompson and I returned from a very enjoyable African safari. Hagan's taxidermy shop was a one man operation so he had a young man watching his shop while we were on safari. Upon his return, the part-time employee notified Hagan that while he was away, two game wardens, one from the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and one from Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) came to the shop and seized his record book and skins.

Published in HA Newsletter 11
Wednesday, 31 May 1995 17:00


Nevada Division of Wildlife Administrator Willie Molini, Tina Nappe, and Pete Morros were walking the halls of the legislature together in opposition of A.B.307. That brings us to a question. Have you ever shot a big old mallard duck flying with a covey of quail? Hardly! Why? Because birds of a feather flock together!

Published in HA Newsletter 10

hunters and fishermen can expect improvement in their favorite outdoor activities in the not too distant future, thanks to passage of AB307, restructuring the state's Wildlife Commission. The Commission, originally all sportsmen, was changed, starting in 1979. Out of nine members, four remained sportsmen representatives, and the other five were divided amongst several different groups. The Governor got to make all the selections to the board. The sportsmen agreed to these changes, based on the assurance that the state would now help fund a large portion of the wildlife budget. In retrospect, the sportsmen were naive and got taken to the cleaners. What happened? Well, the sportsmen still paid virtually all the bills; the Governor appointed a bunch of political cronies with limited interest or background in fish and game matters; and, the Commission and the fish and game agency they were supposed to guide began to follow an increasingly environmentalist direction, with a corresponding decline in programs that would directly benefit the average guy who hunted or fished in Nevada.

Published in HA Newsletter 10
Wednesday, 31 May 1995 17:00


HUNTER'S ALERT again has shown it can get the job done. A.B.307, a HUNTER'S ALERT sponsored bill, was recently signed by Governor Miller. It is a giant step forward in the effort to improve hunting in our state. A.B.307 will add another sportsman to the Wildlife Commission. Even more important is that the five sportsman representatives must have held a Nevada hunting, fishing, or combination license for three of the four prior years as a prerequisite. Other parts of the bill will help sportsmen in our state. We did not get everything that we wanted but you never do. What we did get was a great starting point.

Published in HA Newsletter 10
Friday, 30 September 1994 17:00

State hunting: Past, present,—future!

Sept. 1 is coming up quickly. This date has always been greatly anticipated by area hunters. It's the opening day of dove season, the start of fall hunting. Times change; my hunter instinct has mellowed with age, but my son's are just budding. My oldest boy will experience his first Nevada deer hunt this season. He will be the fifth generation of his family to hunt here; his great-great grandfather lived and hunted in Lincoln County in the 1870's.

Published in HA Newsletter 08

Bishop — Mountain lions are among suspected miscreants in the steady decline of deer numbers, as state wildlife officials in California's Eastern Sierra enter the second year of a comprehensive deer study....

The study began in 1993 with the collaring of 39 deer, but a year later, 18 of the radio-collared muleys had died. Bleich said 11 of those animals were killed by mountain lions, three fell to coyotes, two were legally taken by hunters, one died of winter starvation and another was killed by a passing car.

Ed. note: That sounds like Nevada-78% by predators, 11% by hunters.

Published in HA Newsletter 07
Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


If you were one of the 16221 people who drew a deer tag this year you had reason to celebrate. Just five yean ago there were 57,134 deer tags available to the hunters in our state. To put it another way, we have lost 72% of our available deer tags in just five yean. In addition, the money generated from those tags is also lost. This not only hurts game programs but private business as well. HUNTER'S ALERT checked with some of the Southern Nevada taxidermists and meat processing plants. Here are some of their comments.

Published in HA Newsletter 05
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