Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game completed a study in 1991. The results show that Alaska's moose, caribou, and wild sheep die as follows: 87.5% to wolves and bears (predators); 10% to miscellaneous; and 2.5% to human harvest (hunters).

Published in HA Newsletter 04

Let's go play golf or tennis! When you have completed your favorite pastime, was there any chance of being cited, fined, or your property seized? Of course not.

Now let's go hunting and fishing and ask ourselves these same questions. The answer is-absolutely yes! There are over 130 ways to receive a citation. Hunting and fishing are some of the most regulated sports we have.

Published in HA Newsletter 04

A press release on June 29th by HUNTER'S ALERT, Nevada Hunters Association, and Nevada State Rifle and Pistol Association revealed that Nevada Department of Wildlife was using their fax. stationery, and postage to mail newsletters for private groups. The leader of one group, Wildlife Commissioner Tina Nappe*, sent mailings from "Lahontan Wetlands Coalition" courtesy of NDOW.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Thursday, 31 December 1992 17:00


In the May 1992 issue of the Nevada Marksman, an article appeared about the illegally killed elk in White Pine County. While not condoning this type of illegal activi­ty we should put this incident into perspective. What we have is one big game animal being killed and we want the person responsible brought to justice and the most severe punishment possible dealt to him.

Published in HA Newsletter 02
Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


What could be crazier than giving one's complete trust to a governmental entity?

I can't believe I used to do just that. I actually believed that is I was a good sportsman, a law abiding sportsman, a hunter and fisherman who abided by all the written laws and followed the ethical guidelines

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Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


The following text is an excerpt from a Review-Journal article writ­ten by Keith Rogers, printed in the November 24,1991 issue.


On a chilly November day last year, hunter Jack Anderson climbed the rocky terrain of a peak near Carp, a Union Pacific railroad stop in Meadow Valley Wash at the foot of the Mormon Mountains, 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Published in HA Newsletter 01
Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


The results below of the HUNTER'S ALERT survey indicate that we have some serious problems with our state game management. Obviously, under the present leadership, governor, wildlife commissioners, and director of the Department of Wildlife, the situation will not improve. A copy of this newsletter will be sent to all state legislators with the goal of accomplishing future changes.

Published in HA Newsletter 01
Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


When a sportsmen's group acts to fulfill its role as a watchdog on gov­ernment — the Nevada Department of Wildlife —the reaction is one of "grumbling," "vendettas," "you are going too far."

Published in HA Newsletter 01
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