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A New Day for Wildlife

The Outdoorsman was published in Idaho during the early 1970s in response to severe declines in wild game populations across the U.S. With widespread national circulation, it published documented biological facts to disprove the unsupported “balance-of-nature” theories advanced by environmental activists.  These facts were provided to state and federal fish and game management agencies and elected officials, and are credited with the restoration of abundant wild game populations, which peaked in the western states in 1988.

During that period of wildlife abundance, non-hunting activists at the national and international level infiltrated state wildlife management agencies with their agendas.  The resulting steady decline in wild game populations throughout the West for the next 15 years caused The Outdoorsman to be resurrected in March 2004 by former editor and publisher, George Dovel.

Published in HA Newsletter 33

The Outdoorsman is a newsletter published by a group of Idaho sportsmen. Like HUNTER’S ALERT, the newsletter prints the truth about how their fish and game department is and has been mismanaged for years. The Outdoorsman makes sportsmen aware of who is responsible for the mismanagement and why sportsmen are losing the battle in Idaho and other states. You will not read the information they produce in any other publication. The similarities between Idaho and Nevada are striking. Idaho has predator problems, sportsmen’s money being spent on non-game projects, and no faith in their director or Wildlife Commission. The only difference in Nevada is that some, not all, of the new Wildlife Commissioners appointed by Governor Jim Gibbons want to correct the serious problems which have been placed on Nevada hunters by inept former directors and commissioners.

Published in HA Newsletter 34
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Anything But Science

Reprinted from February-March, 200 issue of The Outdoorsman


(Jim Slinsky is a sportsman, conservationist and defender of our right to hunt, fish, trap, and shoot.  He is also a staunch advocate of the individual interpretation of the Second Amendment.  Jim is the Founder, Producer and Host of the "Outdoor Talk Network", a nationally, syndicated, outdoor-talk radio show program.

The Outdoor Talk Network is an educational and entertaining program with the focus on fishing, hunting, trapping, shooting and related environmental and legislative issues.  He has interviewed the most important and influential people in the outdoor industry. His radio show is syndicated nationwide by Salem Radio Network.

For a station near you or to contact Jim, visit his website at www.outdoortalknetwork.com ED)

Published in HA Newsletter 34

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