Sunday, 31 October 1993 17:00


Since HUNTER'S ALERT was founded we have informed our readers about the strong antihunting movement One group, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has over a quarter million members. This alone should scare you. They are only one of many antihunting groups who will not quit until all hunting has been stopped.

Published in HA Newsletter 05

During the 1980's, in Sweden and Finland, the precalf or the wintering population of moose was 400,000 animals and increasing. In British Colombia [sic], it was 240,000 and decreasing. In British Colombia [sic], you have a winter population of 240,000 moose and after calving season they killed only 12,000 animals which is a 5% off take (harvest rate). In Sweden and Finland, however, they had 400,000 moose and guess how many they killed in the fall? They killed 240,000 moose which is a 57% offtake.

Now the two main differences, I don't want to imply that there is not vegetation differences and other things, but the two major differences are: British Colombia [sic] has somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 wolves, all sorts of bears grizzly bears and black bears which are important predators, and mountain lions. Sweden and Finland have none of the above.

It's been said that hunters and wolves don't compete for the same annuals. That's not true. They compete directly for the same animals.

Reprinted from The Abundant Wildlife Society newsletter.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game completed a study in 1991. The results show that Alaska's moose, caribou, and wild sheep die as follows: 87.5% to wolves and bears (predators); 10% to miscellaneous; and 2.5% to human harvest (hunters).

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00



To determine causes for heavy mortality of mule deer fawns on the Steens Mountains, fawns were captured at 1 to 14 days of age and again at 6 months of age, outfitted with transmitter collars, and monitored at 3 to 5 day intervals. Predators, primarily coyotes, were found to be the primary cause of mortality.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


Since the government began to discourage trapping and began systematically cutting back on predator control, we have lost nearly all of our deer, and we're losing our Mountain Sheep too.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


I want to commend the Nevada State Rifle and Pistol Association, and Hunter's Alert in their efforts to change the makeup of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


I guess the anti-hunting movement really started about thirty yean ago. It was going to be easy for them to accomplish their goal, just outlaw guns. This didn't get very far because guns are used for many other purposes and because of opposition from a very strong National Rifle Association.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
A few years ago when HUNTER'S ALERT was founded, we were labelled as radicals and malcontents by some of the Wildlife Commissioners. This was because we felt there was a strong smell of antihunting in the Nevada Department of Wildlife. We had our reasons. Quite obviously, when you see the director of NDOW sitting with and being supported by antihunting groups, you must suspect something. In addition, we felt that when our Governor's appointed Wildlife Commissioners are setting hunting regu­lations and seasons for all Nevada hunters, they should have some experi­ence. When they have never hunted in their lives, it makes one wonder where their experience has developed to prop­erly do this important task.

Published in HA Newsletter 03
Monday, 31 May 1993 17:00


My name is Cecil Fredi and I thank you for the privilege of speaking to you today. I represent a group called HUNTER'S ALERT and I'm going to talk for a few minutes about some prob­lems concerning our shared interest in fish and game matters. I'll then be happy to answer any questions regarding our goals. I have some literature for those of you who may be interested.

Published in HA Newsletter 03
Thursday, 31 December 1992 17:00


In the May 1992 issue of the Nevada Marksman, an article appeared about the illegally killed elk in White Pine County. While not condoning this type of illegal activi­ty we should put this incident into perspective. What we have is one big game animal being killed and we want the person responsible brought to justice and the most severe punishment possible dealt to him.

Published in HA Newsletter 02
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