My name is Cecil Fredi. I am representing HUNTER'S ALERT. At the January Wildlife Commission meeting in Henderson, Chairman Brown stated that he wanted more input on the lion issue. He also made the same statement at the February meeting in Reno. HUNTER'S ALERT in conjunction with Safari Club International Desert Chapter decided to give the chairman the input that he was seeking^ I will address this input later on but I would like to make a few points first.

Published in HA Newsletter 12
Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:33

Deer, Predators, and Drought

An ongoing research project on the 3-Bar Wildlife Area near Roosevelt Lake is helping biologists to better understand--and to an extent redefine--the predator-prey relationship.

The study’s findings so far indicate that predators may have a more significant impact on deer populations than biologists previously thought. The prevailing biological belief is that habitat conditions are the primary controlling factor for deer populations, not predation. The long-term deer study at the 3-Bar is punching holes in parts of biological theory, and others.

Published in HA Newsletter 28
My name is Cecil Fredi and I have lived in Las Vegas for 64 years. For many of those years, I deer hunted and everyone in the hunting group took home a nice big buck. Those days have been gone for years. Nineteen years ago, I helped form a group called HUNTER’S ALERT. Our primary purpose was to inform sportsmen that we have a predator problem and that something needed to be done about it. We have mailed 31 newsletters resulting in over a quarter of a million copies distributed throughout the state as well as other states. Every issue stated we had a predator problem and what other states were doing about their problem. It wasn’t like NDOW and the Wildlife Commission were not made aware of the fact that we had a serious predator problem for many years. 
Published in HA Newsletter 32

Action Item #3 would prohibit hunting for a 96 hour period after using aircraft to locate wildlife.

This request by NDOW has to be the most overkill idea they have come up with in a long time. The hierarchy of NDOW must have a lot of time on their hands. In Alaska you cannot hunt on the same day that you fly. It is probably safe to say that 95% of the hunters in Alaska must utilize aircraft. What percentage of Nevada hunters utilize aircraft'1 Probably a tenth of one percent. Alaska, which has a hell of a lot more game to protect says no same-day hunting. So Nevada wants no hunting for four days. This is a pure and simple law enforcement mentality. NDOW does not know how or refuses to bring back our big game numbers. All they know is more law enforcement. We already have 140 ways to cite sportsmen and apparently it is not enough law 1enforcement for NDOW. This is like gun Control. We have thousands of gun laws and they want more.

Published in HA Newsletter 19
Monday, 31 May 1999 17:00


 It just hasn't worked and we need to return to a Department of Fish and Game. During the 1993 legislative session, former Governor Bob Miller consolidated state agencies. This has proven disastrous to the sportsmen in the state of Nevada. Since consolidation, Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) has been one of nine state agencies put under the umbrella of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Its director is Pete Morros. There is not a single person who can do the job efficiently for nine state agencies. And Pete Morros has proven this many times over.

Published in HA Newsletter 19
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00

More Coyotes than Ever

There are 750 coyote hunters working for a program called Wildlife Services (WS) under the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 17 western states.

Glynn Riley, 63, of Brownwood, Tex., is acknowledged by his peers as the best...."There are more coyotes today than I've seen in all of my 38 years with WS. And they're causing more problems than ever before."

Published in HA Newsletter 18

Frankie Sue Del Papa covered up many of Willie Molini's shady deals with cost the sportsmen lots of money. This money would have been better used to fund wildlife. After Willie Molini gave the first load of sheep to Texas, he and two wildlife commissioners went on a hunting trip to Texas. When Nevada Hunters Association asked Frankie Sue to investigate to see if Willie and the boys had paid for their own hunt, Frankie Sue refused to publicly produce proof that is was not charged to Willie's expense account.

Published in HA Newsletter 17
Sunday, 31 May 1998 17:00


This is the year. It could be one of the best years for Nevada sportsmen. All the sportsmen have to do is to get involved because this is an election year. This the year sportsmen clean house. Sportsmen will be rid of their nemeses Bob Miller, administrator Willie Molini. his boss Pete Morros and attorney general Frankie Sue Del Papa. For sure, three of them are going and hopefully. Frankie Sue will join them.

Published in HA Newsletter 16
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00

Good-Bye Molini!

As president of the Nevada Hunters Association, I am compelled to respond to William Molini's obviously rehearsed interview in the Jan/Feb 1998 interdepartmental news bulletin. "The Wild Side."

Molini's constant blaming of others for his failures has become quite boring. His lack of leadership abilities has brought this Wildlife division down to its knees. Mr. Molini would rather blame the messenger than acknowledge the problem. Let me give you some examples:

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


When the weak link is at the top, nothing works right below. This is particularly true of two state agencies, those being the Division of Wildlife and Attorney General's Office. In our lead story we told you how a good NDOW employee, Barton Tanner, was set up by his fellow employees, wardens Dennis Roden and Frank Chaves. The director of the Conservation and Natural Resources Department is Pete Morros. He was quoted in the Elko Daily Free Press as saying, "Roden and Chaves marked the fox three days before the season." Nothing could be further from the truth. In court documents, it is clearly stated that the fox was reported to be in the trap on December 18. Opening day of fox season is December 19. Warden Roden marked the fox on December 19. That is not three days but one day. When the head of a state agency doesn't know the facts how can the Division of Wildlife make informed judgments on this or any other case? With his statement, Mr. Morros proves the weak link is at the top.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
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