Wednesday, 30 September 1998 17:00

A Message to Sportsmen from Kenny Guinn

For the past 28 months, I have attended many sportsmen's functions. Organizations like Nevada Hunters Association, Hunter's Alert and Safari Club International and others have voiced their concerns about hunting in our state. 1 have learned from these meetings that hunting, fishing, and related activities are of the utmost importance to a great many Nevadans.

Published in HA Newsletter 17

"Evidence of improper practices" has prompted the legislative auditor to send a rare "218" letter to the governor and each state legislator alerting them that "the integrity of the fiscal records" of Nevada Division of Wildlife is "in question."

Published in HA Newsletter 16

July 1, 1998 will mark the first year of my term as wildlife commissioner. This has been an exciting and frustrating year Trying to balance the needs of the commission, department, sportsmen, family and career has been a challenge Hopefully. 1 have not left anyone out and have answered your concerns quickly and honestly I am not even going to try to agree with everyone, but then you probably didn't expect that anyway

The Commission has met nine times in the year, dealing with numerous petitions from sportsmen and the county advisory boards and sportsman's groups. The following are highlighted from memory:

Published in HA Newsletter 16
Sunday, 31 May 1998 17:00


This is the year. It could be one of the best years for Nevada sportsmen. All the sportsmen have to do is to get involved because this is an election year. This the year sportsmen clean house. Sportsmen will be rid of their nemeses Bob Miller, administrator Willie Molini. his boss Pete Morros and attorney general Frankie Sue Del Papa. For sure, three of them are going and hopefully. Frankie Sue will join them.

Published in HA Newsletter 16

On April 6, Governor Miller sent a letter to the county advisory boards to manage wildlife. He asked the boards to submit nominations to either reappoint or replace three wildlife commissioners whose terms expired on June 30. They were all sportsman's representatives: Bill Bradley from Reno, Don Cavin from Hawthorne, and Jelindo Tiberti from Las Vegas

Published in HA Newsletter 16
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00

Wildlife Commission Ignores sportsmen's views

In response to Mr. Matorian's comments in the front-page article (Dec. 18) regarding the retirement of Willie Molini, Wildlife chief:

I have never blamed Molini for not drawing a tag, but I do blame the Wildlife Commission for its failure to support the sportsmen's views and their lack of an aggressive stance with regard to the exploding cougar population, which is decimating our deer herds.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


Reprinted from the Las Vegas Review Journal/January 8, 1998 To the editor:

Attention Kenny Guinn: there is an opportunity which you can take advantage of that will provide thousands of votes in your campaign for governor. They will come from Nevadans who are concerned about wildlife in Nevada, hunters and non-hunters alike.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00

Sportsmen: Get Lost

Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Willie Molini announced this week he was ending his long reign of mismanagement next September. That's the good news.

The bad news is things won't get any better as long as the corrupt power brokers currently in office are allowed to pick his successor. That sad fact was made clear this week when Nevada Wildlife Commissioner Merv Matorian quickly dismissed requests from sportsmen's groups to be included in the search for a new director.

Gerry Lent of the Nevada Hunter's Association pleaded, "All sportsmen should have a say in who directs their funds."

But Matorian shot back, "It's not going to happen. Lent wants to stick his nose into everything, but this is a government function."

Matorian's arrogant reply typifies the current administration that has allowed Nevada's hunting opportunities to deteriorate to miserable levels. Now, the politicians are telling sportsmen that the selection of a director for a department totally funded through taxes they pay is none of their business — it's a "government function." ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS Dec. 19

Reprinted from Las Vegas Review-Journal/December 27, 1997

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


The position of ambassador to Mexico is vacant. Governor Miller would love to have his buddy, Bill Clinton appoint him to this position. But first, Governor Miller must be confirmed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This presents a serious dilemma for the sportsmen of our state. Do we tell the truth to the Committee about Governor Miller'? Or shall we be facetious?

Published in HA Newsletter 14
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


Being a wildlife commissioner is one of the most sought-after appointments a governor can make. Now if the governor happens to be Bob Miller, a large political contribution will enhance your chances of being appointed. HUNTER'S ALERT told you in our very first newsletter (April 1992) that John Giovenco through the Hilton Corporation donated $50,000.00 to Governor Miller's election campaign. Shortly thereafter, John Giovenco's wife, Kathy was appointed to the Wildlife Commission.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
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