Reprinted from Reno Gazette Journal,

June 24, 2009

At the May meeting to set tag quotas, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted 7-1 to support the recommendations of Elko-based Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist, Tony Wasley to issue 987 doe mule deer tags in areas 101, 102 and 104A, which encompass all of the Ruby Mountains north of Harrison Pass.

Published in HA Newsletter 34
Monday, 01 June 2009 00:00

More Predator News

Steve Smith, a rancher and lion hunter in Arizona, wrote an article that originally appeared in Western Hunting Magazine and was reprinted in Deer Times-Fall, 2007 magazine. The title was Out of Balance: One Expert’s Commentary on Mountain Lions, Mule Deer and Wildlife Mismanagement.


The author made many valid points and HUNTER’ S ALERT would like to compare his views with those of HUNTER’S ALERT.

Published in HA Newsletter 34

An article written in the Deer Times, Fall 2007  by Floyd Green proves predator control works. The article entitled, “Managing Mountain Lions in a Desert Sheep Unit” shows when people open their minds and listen, they will realize the damage that lions are doing to our game . Following is a brief synopsis of the article along with HUNTER’S ALERT comments that will be emphasized in bold print.


In 1981, the Arizona Game & Fish Department (AGFD) supplemented Desert Sheep in Unit 22. Within a few years, the sheep population had grown and sport hunting was authorized in the area. The area turned out to be a premier area producing big rams. The area was so productive they were transplanting sheep from this unit to other units within the state.

Published in HA Newsletter 34
Monday, 01 June 2009 00:00

Anything But Science

Reprinted from February-March, 200 issue of The Outdoorsman


(Jim Slinsky is a sportsman, conservationist and defender of our right to hunt, fish, trap, and shoot.  He is also a staunch advocate of the individual interpretation of the Second Amendment.  Jim is the Founder, Producer and Host of the "Outdoor Talk Network", a nationally, syndicated, outdoor-talk radio show program.

The Outdoor Talk Network is an educational and entertaining program with the focus on fishing, hunting, trapping, shooting and related environmental and legislative issues.  He has interviewed the most important and influential people in the outdoor industry. His radio show is syndicated nationwide by Salem Radio Network.

For a station near you or to contact Jim, visit his website at ED)

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Thursday, 24 April 2008 03:28


The current argument in Nevada about whether a Governor should appoint an advocate of "managing" wildlife or an advocate of "saving" wildlife to a State Wildlife Commission is a scenario being replayed all over the nation.  The gross stereotypes and character assassinations are part and parcel of the scenario, and the hidden agendas and distortions of facts present in one article would take pages to decipher.  The following brief explanation is based on 30 plus years with the US Fish & Wildlife Service; nearly ten years of writing and speaking about such matters, and two appearances before the US House of Representatives' Natural Resources Committee concerning the theft of $45 to $60 Million by the US Fish & Wildlife Service from the hunting and fishing excise taxes that, by law, could only be used for state fish and wildlife programs.

Published in 2008 Online News
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


NDOW and the wildlife commissioners would like everyone to think that there are only one or two sportsmen who do not approve of the way our game is being managed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Former Wildlife Commission chairman Mahlon Brown used to refer to HUNTER'S ALHRT as the "small but vocal group". NDOW in their publication, Nevada Wildlife Almanac, referred to a "vocal sliver" of Nevada's hunters who opposed giving our sheep to Texas. HUNTER'S ALERT gets literally hundreds of letters, calls, or comments about NDOW's mismanagement. Listed below are but a few

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Friday, 03 February 2006 05:17

Comment - Readers Respond

My personal congratulations to HUNTER’S ALERT for such a totally complete, powerful, accurate, informing issue! If only every sportsman could come by a copy of this issue! For sixty years, I myself have been doing battle with this wildlife bureaucracy to no avail. When I learned about HUNTER’S ALERT, I immediately joined to become a part of it. HUNTER’S ALERT quotes my own sentiments verbatim.

I have received the last two copies of the U.S. Observer with the revealing and expose articles pertaining to Nevada’s disappearing wildlife and reckless bird and game mismanagement that has been taking place, that you and HUNTER’S ALERT have been pursuing and bringing to the sportsmen’s and our elected officials’ attention for so many years, not only in the sportsmen’s interest, but the benefit and welfare of our past once plentiful wildlife. All of Nevada’s sportsmen have poured millions of dollars into the Fish and Game Department salaries to manage as educated wildlife management experts only to end up with a critical--admitted wildlife, mule deer and popular sage grouse shortages, insured by the obvious overpopulations of protected predators, mainly the coyotes, bobcats and lions.

I cannot believe what you and Bud Sonnentag are accomplishing for the state and its paying sportsmen. As always, keep up the good work you represent and are doing for the rest of us in Nevada.

Nevada Jim Ornellas

Published in HA Newsletter 30
Tuesday, 31 January 2006 04:57

It Happened That Way - Part 5

1949 to 2006
There are currently three men left from the original group of 1973 axis members who beat the NDOW drums of praise and accomplishment louder than ever before. One of them is the NDOW director, Terry Crawforth. Another is Jim Jeffress, a Wildlife Commissioner. And Dave Rice is their mouthpiece beating the tom toms for a “Land of abundant Wildlife” in unison with Reno Gazette Journal’s sympathetic reporters leaving the sportsman, cattleman, ranchers and woolgrowers woefully without representation and sorely out-maneuvered. Whether this triad today is willful or just convenient is one for conjecture but it most definitely was forged thirty five years ago by men who showed little respect for sportsmen then, anymore than they appear to today. Because of these and other NDOW men, Nevada sportsmen have painfully endured several media campaigns aimed at them from NDOW and lambasted by newspapers, especially the R.G.J. The first anti-sportsman campaign was thoroughly investigated and exposed by Nevada sportsman Ira Hansen in 1993 so there’s no need of rehashing it except to say three things. It revolved around propaganda fallacies by NDOW law enforcement with full knowledge of all three axis players and was designed to disparage the sportsmen of Nevada with outright lies printed on a regular basis in the R.G.J newspaper throughout the years of the 1980’s to the 1990’s.

Friday, 20 January 2006 01:26

It Happened That Way - Part 4

1949 to 2006

Cougar and Mule Deer Mismanagement.

The Federal Government by means of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a vice grip stranglehold on the state of Nevada’s wildlife because of the 85% federally owned land in Nevada. They hold the purse strings to the money bag which equates to power. The federal political manipulation of this state has always been known in Nevada and in the area of wildlife this has been no exception. Beginning around 1960, a movement began toward protectionism in our country which was instigated by the U.S.F. & W.S. About this same time the feds conveniently discontinued the bounty system for predators on the west coast. This effectively dried up the much needed money to control predators in Nevada which in turn led the western states to seek other monetary means to control the ever persistent predator problem and consequently left the states even more at the mercy of the feds. The feds’ next move throughout the early 1960’s was to politically influence the western state legislatures to reclassify the mountain lion from a predator to a big game animal. This move is clear and unmistakable by anyone who reads the 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop of the Western States and Western Canada.

Monday, 09 January 2006 16:01

It Happened That Way - Part 3

1949 to 2006
One of the greatest mysteries and most closely guarded secrets in the Nevada Department of Fish and Game was to keep the world from knowing who was responsible for the most vicious predator on the North American continent being removed from a predator status and made a glorified big game animal. Who was this so-called eco- terrorist and his government agency? Was he the only one to blame? Was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency, involved? How was it kept a secret? Did the people involved have something to gain? How did this reclassification of a known and accepted predator by our entire nation for more than 200 years affect Nevada’s once famous mule deer herd? These questions and many more can be directly traced to the glorification of one of the most notorious predators known to man, the mountain lion and to the men who reclassified it.

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