Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00

Miller was NOT a good steward to wildlife

In the last two weeks, many Nevada newspapers have run articles about the accomplishments of Governor Bob Miller. In the fairness of good journalism, the other side of the story should be told. Bob Miller demonstrated for ten years that he was no friend of Nevada sportsmen.

Published in HA Newsletter 18

Frankie Sue Del Papa covered up many of Willie Molini's shady deals with cost the sportsmen lots of money. This money would have been better used to fund wildlife. After Willie Molini gave the first load of sheep to Texas, he and two wildlife commissioners went on a hunting trip to Texas. When Nevada Hunters Association asked Frankie Sue to investigate to see if Willie and the boys had paid for their own hunt, Frankie Sue refused to publicly produce proof that is was not charged to Willie's expense account.

Published in HA Newsletter 17

"Evidence of improper practices" has prompted the legislative auditor to send a rare "218" letter to the governor and each state legislator alerting them that "the integrity of the fiscal records" of Nevada Division of Wildlife is "in question."

Published in HA Newsletter 16

Presented to the Clark County Wildlife Advisory Board, January 7, 1998

Let's look at the Nevada Deer Hunt Plan Task Force. Their purpose is to examine alternate harvest strategies, hoping to facilitate increases in hunter recruitment and opportunity while preserving the quality features of the Nevada deer hunting system. I agree that we need more hunters. That makes us stronger. And obviously, hunters would like more tags available. Let's examine the harvest management issues. The first is Unit Simplification. Does this increase our deer numbers? Absolutely not! The next would be unlimited archery tags. Does this increase our deer number? Again, no! The third is a resident youth hunt which I personally agree with. However, this does not increase the number of people who can hunt deer. The other three issues are anterless hunts, season opening dates and lengths, and a twenty three day plus season option. None of these harvest management issues helps restore Nevada deer herds.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00

Sportsmen: Get Lost

Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Willie Molini announced this week he was ending his long reign of mismanagement next September. That's the good news.

The bad news is things won't get any better as long as the corrupt power brokers currently in office are allowed to pick his successor. That sad fact was made clear this week when Nevada Wildlife Commissioner Merv Matorian quickly dismissed requests from sportsmen's groups to be included in the search for a new director.

Gerry Lent of the Nevada Hunter's Association pleaded, "All sportsmen should have a say in who directs their funds."

But Matorian shot back, "It's not going to happen. Lent wants to stick his nose into everything, but this is a government function."

Matorian's arrogant reply typifies the current administration that has allowed Nevada's hunting opportunities to deteriorate to miserable levels. Now, the politicians are telling sportsmen that the selection of a director for a department totally funded through taxes they pay is none of their business — it's a "government function." ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS Dec. 19

Reprinted from Las Vegas Review-Journal/December 27, 1997

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00


The timing of this announcement enables Governor Miller and Pete Morros to appoint a new administrator before the new governor takes office next January. Let's see, Molini retires in September, the gubernatorial election takes place in November, and the new governor is seated in January. I guess they figured the sportsmen in the state of Nevada aren't smart enough to figure this out. The 3M Destroyers (Miller, Morros. and Molini) were smart enough to realize one thing, that no other governor would put up with Willie Molini's antics. Rest assured. Miller and Morros will appoint a Willie Molini clone to the vacated position.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


Wouldn't it be nice if every time you wanted money, all you had to do was ask? Nevada Division of Wildlife thought they were going to be able to achieve this with Assembly Bill 47 which they sponsored.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
Friday, 31 May 1996 17:00


Well, guess what, good old Nevada Division of Wildlife and the Wildlife Commission are trying to do it to the sportsmen again. They are going to have a bill in the next legislative session to let the Wildlife Commission set tag and license fees. Currently, it takes the majority of the assembly, the majority of the senate and the governor to increase fees. This represents 34 elected officials. If Nevada Division of Wildlife and the Wildlife Commission had their way, it would only require the majority of the Wildlife Commission or five appointed people. We have no recourse with appointees. In the last legislative session, Nevada Division of Wildlife drafted a bill, A.B.212, which increased our hunting and fishing licenses. This bill was almost defeated in the assembly. The governor sent out a press release on June 28, 1995 stating, "The state simply won't be able to afford to fully stock Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Walker Lake, and a number of other popular Nevada fishing sites. Without game surveys, the Division of Wildlife will not have the necessary information to determine the appropriate number of tags to be issued to hunters."

Published in HA Newsletter 12
Tuesday, 31 May 1994 17:00


They kept it quiet in Las Vegas. They kept it quiet in Elko. But Nevada Division of Wildlife Director Willie Molini has cost the taxpayers of our state almost $300,000.00 in sexual discrimination suits. This is the same Willie Molini who Wildlife Commission Chairman Mahlon Brown refers to as "one of the best administrators in the West".

Published in HA Newsletter 07

A press release on June 29th by HUNTER'S ALERT, Nevada Hunters Association, and Nevada State Rifle and Pistol Association revealed that Nevada Department of Wildlife was using their fax. stationery, and postage to mail newsletters for private groups. The leader of one group, Wildlife Commissioner Tina Nappe*, sent mailings from "Lahontan Wetlands Coalition" courtesy of NDOW.

Published in HA Newsletter 04
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