This Wildlife Commission has proven itself sportsman friendly and has accomplished many new things for sportsmen in Nevada that no other Wildlife Commission has done. Here are some examples:

  1. Despite opposition from the agency and director Ken Mayer, and some county Wildlife Advisory Boards, the tag drawing results will be available online for all sportsmen within 48 hours after the drawing has occurred. This enables all sportsmen the ability to see if they were successful in drawing a tag and for planning their hunts much sooner. The Commission felt this was a much needed and long over-due regulation.
  2. Now sportsmen are getting a definition of edible portions of big game mammals, game birds, and game fish. This regulation was badly needed to avoid wanton waste citations and to clarify what portions of game must be kept.  The definition of ‘edible’ had previously been left up to the interpretation of law enforcement.
  3. The Commission passed hunter friendly regulation for 2009 that allows for the return of big game tags without having to give a reason.  Hunters can now return deer, antelope, and elk tags as long as they are received by NDOW at least one day before the start of the applicable season.  Hunters will have bonus points reinstated and receive an additional bonus point as if a tag had not been issued and as if the applicant had been unsuccessful in the draw.   Bighorn sheep and Mountain Goat tags have an earlier deadline for return so that they can be re-issued to other hunters.
  4. A regulation is in the process to allow Online Hunt Application changes/amendments after an application has been submitted. Currently, once you submit your application, you cannot change or withdraw it. Last year, there were dozens of emails in Nevada by hunters who had made a mistake in the application process and wanted to make a change. This new regulation will be a win-win solution and will be very popular.

These accomplishments demonstrate this Commission’s attempts to make NDOW a more user- friendly agency and are well received by most sportsmen.

Published in HA Newsletter 34

Action Item #3 would prohibit hunting for a 96 hour period after using aircraft to locate wildlife.

This request by NDOW has to be the most overkill idea they have come up with in a long time. The hierarchy of NDOW must have a lot of time on their hands. In Alaska you cannot hunt on the same day that you fly. It is probably safe to say that 95% of the hunters in Alaska must utilize aircraft. What percentage of Nevada hunters utilize aircraft'1 Probably a tenth of one percent. Alaska, which has a hell of a lot more game to protect says no same-day hunting. So Nevada wants no hunting for four days. This is a pure and simple law enforcement mentality. NDOW does not know how or refuses to bring back our big game numbers. All they know is more law enforcement. We already have 140 ways to cite sportsmen and apparently it is not enough law 1enforcement for NDOW. This is like gun Control. We have thousands of gun laws and they want more.

Published in HA Newsletter 19
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00

Miller was NOT a good steward to wildlife

In the last two weeks, many Nevada newspapers have run articles about the accomplishments of Governor Bob Miller. In the fairness of good journalism, the other side of the story should be told. Bob Miller demonstrated for ten years that he was no friend of Nevada sportsmen.

Published in HA Newsletter 18
Sunday, 31 October 1999 17:00


Below are the major changes and why sportsmen need this bill passed.

Published in HA Newsletter 18

On April 6, Governor Miller sent a letter to the county advisory boards to manage wildlife. He asked the boards to submit nominations to either reappoint or replace three wildlife commissioners whose terms expired on June 30. They were all sportsman's representatives: Bill Bradley from Reno, Don Cavin from Hawthorne, and Jelindo Tiberti from Las Vegas

Published in HA Newsletter 16
Sunday, 31 May 1998 17:00


Predators do have a serious impact on game numbers. It seems as though the whole world knows it except those who are running the show within Nevada Division of Wildlife. HUNTER'S ALERT has just received a final report dated June, 1998, "Factors Affecting Survival of Neonatal Pronghorn in the Northern Great feasin" from U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. The final report was 25 pages long but we have quoted the highlights. For years NDOW has stated that it does no good to do predator control. After reading these findings, you be the judge.

Published in HA Newsletter 16

Presented to the Clark County Wildlife Advisory Board, January 7, 1998

Let's look at the Nevada Deer Hunt Plan Task Force. Their purpose is to examine alternate harvest strategies, hoping to facilitate increases in hunter recruitment and opportunity while preserving the quality features of the Nevada deer hunting system. I agree that we need more hunters. That makes us stronger. And obviously, hunters would like more tags available. Let's examine the harvest management issues. The first is Unit Simplification. Does this increase our deer numbers? Absolutely not! The next would be unlimited archery tags. Does this increase our deer number? Again, no! The third is a resident youth hunt which I personally agree with. However, this does not increase the number of people who can hunt deer. The other three issues are anterless hunts, season opening dates and lengths, and a twenty three day plus season option. None of these harvest management issues helps restore Nevada deer herds.

Published in HA Newsletter 15
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00


Ted Nugent and Kevin Kelley
Rod Smith Sportsmen of Eureka County

Most of you may recognize Ted Nugent as a rock star. However, he is a avid rifle and bow hunter. He has put his money where his mouth is in forming The United Sportsmen of America. He made phone calls to our legislators for the passage of SB127. The Nevada representative for The United Sportsmen of America is Kevin Kelley. Kevin spent hours e-mailing our legislators in support of SB 127.

Rod Smith is a member of the Clark County Wildlife Advisory Board. Rod made back to back to back trips to Carson City lobbying for passage of SB 127. He did a great job representing the sportsmen's wishes in Clark County.

The sportsmen of Eureka County let Assemblywoman Marcia de Braga know how important SB 127 was to them. Without their Rigorous support, SB 127 may never have reached the Assembly floor.

Published in HA Newsletter 14

If there were a three strike law for a commissioner not representing sportsmen, Commissioner Tiberti would surely be OUT. Commissioner Tiberti's latest blunder came during the November, 1996 Clark County Advisory Board meeting.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
Tuesday, 30 September 1997 17:00



Senate Bill 127 was requested by HUNTER'S ALERT for a bill draft almost a year before the 1997 legislative session was to begin. One of the most important parts of this bill was that all county advisory boards to manage wildlife would submit nominations to the governor of qualified people for appointment to the Wildlife Commission. The governor would then be required to select from these lists. Knowledgeable people who have attended county advisory board and Wildlife Commission meetings would then have a chance to be appointed to the Commission. These are people who have donated their time without pay or perks involved. People who know fish and game issues, not just who know the governor. This is grass roots government - for the people -by the people.

Published in HA Newsletter 14
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