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"Thank you for your efforts to help those of us who hunt and make our living on the land." F.J., Ely

"I will always support HUNTER'S ALERT as long as you do not get in bed with any government agencies such as NDOW, Forest Service, BLM etc. I no longer support most hunting organizations such as RMEF, DU, NBC etc. because I feel they have gotten in bed with the government and while doing so have helped to finance the government to stomp on private land owners right." G.M., Round Mountain

"Nevada's Dept. of Wildlife should charge $25 for a tag at large throughout the state for a mountain lion. When a hunter is successful he should then bring the animal in for inspection and receive $50.00 for his success in helping the state increase the deer herds. Thank you." E.B., Pahrump

"The verbal rebuttal against NDOW is very gratifying." D.R., Las Vegas

"THANKS!", G.S., Las Vegas

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I have read with interest your Hunter Alert- Fall –06 publication. You and I have corresponded before in the past. I will refresh your memory; I worked for Dept of Interior and Dept of Agriculture ADC programs in nine western states for 31 years as a trapper and as a Supervisory Wildlife Biologist. I have a BS Degree in Wildlife Management from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. I presently am retired from federal service and live on a ranch on the west slope, near Talbot Creek. in the Ruby Mountains, Elko County, Nevada. We take in pasture cattle, in the summer months, on our ranch. I ride on cattle often in the Ruby Mountains. This mountain is "Dead." By that I mean you cannot feel any heartbeats as there are very few animals living on the Ruby Mountains. By animals, I mean Mule Deer. (Deer tracks do not lie)

'02 Sep 30

Our Readers Reply

Written by Hunters Alert
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Re: Hunter's Alert Summer Issue

I was horrified to read the article in the above-referenced newsletter about the Nevada Division of Wildlife game warden (Roddy Shepard) who couldn't bring himself to function in an emergency situation involving a ram who had been severely injured by a motor vehicle on the roadway.

'02 Sep 30


Written by Erin Kenny
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I would like to let your readers know how I feel about issues that are important to them. First, I support the Constitution and that certainly includes the Second Amendment. I believe that outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing are important not only for adults but for children who can participate and enjoy the outdoors.

The main duty of the Lieutenant Governor is to bring new business to our state. If I am elected Lieutenant Governor, one of my priorities will be to see the proposed world class shooting range completed in Clark County. In addition to this range's importance for safety reasons, it would also bring newfound revenues to the state.


Erin Kenny

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

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Keep up the good work. Put us down for another year to receive your news bulletins. Thank you. D.C., Reno, NV

Could 1 get 15 copies of the Fall 2000 issue to give to friends. Same problem here in MDFWD. CO G., Broadus, MT

Keep up the good work. Only informed hunting public can bring the pressure necessary to bring changes required at NDOW. D.N., Reno, NV

I like your newsletter and keep up the good work. J.H., Spring Creek, NV

We are registered Republicans. We are also sportsmen. Please put us on your mailing list so we may become more informed. G. & J. W., Lamoille, NV

Keep us informed. C.H., Sparks, NV

Thanks, Cecil. Keep up the good work! S.D., Las Vegas, NV

Please send me 10 of your last publications. P.M., East Ely, NV

THANKS, Hunter s Alert! G.S., Las Vegas, NV

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(And at last we have some Wildlife Commissioners who are listening)

"Educate the public to vote the SOB's out!" J D Lenox, MA

"It's good to hear that Tommy is going to get more involved in the sheep. I'm sure he'll do a good job." C.J.. Mesquite. NV

Good job. Keep after them!" E M.. Tonopah, NV

"I would donate more but I'm already donating to a similar mess in Eureka County.

Hang in there. You're doing great." B.J.. Eureka. NV

"I have hunted deer in Nevada since 1959. Even year I was lucky until 1986. Since then, only TWO. Please do something!'' R.B.. Las Vegas. NV

"Good work!" J.N.. Ely. NV

"Keep up the good work." J.H., Lovelock. NV

"Great job. Cecil. I hope we can get a handle on coyote and lion. Hopefully Tom will break the ice " C.B., Las Vegas. NV

"Thanks for your efforts! A valuable source of info. What ever happened on the case of the bighorn carcasses piled up on a mountain top and burned?" E.G.. Las Vegas. NV

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We have had literally thousands of comments from sportsmen, mainly on predator control. Remember the two thousand comments sent to the Wildlife commissioners? These comments fell on the deaf ears of Bob Miller s Wildlife Commission. We only have eleven more months left of their do nothing about predator philosophy. Rest assured Kenny Guinn s appointments will listen when sportsmen speak.

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December 10, 1999


I have been hunting Area 10 whenever I can draw a deer tag for over 30 years. Last season 1 hunted 9 days, saw one doe and very few tracks. 1 am also a person who has seen literally hundreds of deer in the same area in years past. What I did see was 15 coyotes, 9 dead ones in the road and 6 live ones. Let's start getting rid of the coyotes so we can have some deer fawns.


Jim Buckler, Las Vegas

'00 Oct 31

Another Disgruntled Hunter

Written by C.H.
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October 18, 1999 Dear Sirs:

I recently took my second (and probably last; I'm disgusted) elk hunting trip in this state. This year I drew a cow elk tag for area 072, just east of Jarbidge. My husband and I spent one whole week there the first week (Sept. 15) and saw 3 elk--all bulls. We walked our legs off, mostly around the Elk Mt. area!

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Dear Hunter's Alert:

I would like to thank your members, Tommy and Judy Ford for sending my family to the Burns Hermitage ranch. We truly did not know what to expect when we arrived. To say the least it was a magnificent weekend, it was a great learning experience for our children. We would also like to thank Virginia Frehner and Bob and Pat Snider for their time and effort, they certainly made it a grand weekend for us. They had immense patience with the kids when instructing them on the proper use of firearms and teaching them the fundamentals of being in the wilderness.

On this weekend my family had the opportunity to do so many different things that we normally wouldn't have a chance to do. They were taught how to handle firearms, shown the proper way to shoot trap and archery and had a great time fishing trout. The weekend wasn't long enough for the kids. Looking for Indian arrowheads was also a great high point for the family. The kids want to know how soon before they can go back. I would truly recommend this weekend for anyone who has a chance to go. A big thank you to Mary and Jim Burns for the wonderful hospitality, they made us feel right at home.


Thomas J. Sheedy & Family

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