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A Spoiled Little Brat And His Coalition!

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At the Wildlife Commission meeting at Reno on June 27 and 28, Chairman Bentley publicly thanked the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife for inviting the Commission and staff to its dinner on the evening of the 27th.  Wildlife Commissioner Scott Raine publicly announced that he had called to purchase an $80 ticket to the Coalition’s fundraiser. After Scott had identified himself, he was referred to call Coalition president, Larry Johnson who called back June 25th and told our Wildlife Commissioner whom he had never spoken to before in his life, “You are not invited to attend our dinner.” When asked why, he was told that before he could be invited he first had to prove his views to not be in opposition to those of Mr. Johnson and his board.


Prior to this, Larry had insinuated that Scott Raine was selected “out of the blue” even though Scott had been a member of the Eureka County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife. Apparently Larry must believe he is so important that he knows everyone in the state. Instead of making an attempt to include this “out of the blue” commissioner in his organization, Larry had decided sight unseen that Commissioner Raine did not fit into his little group of brainwashed NBU toadies.


Johnson and the Coalition are outraged that someone they did not recommend was appointed to the Commission. How dare the governor not consult with the mighty Coalition before acting! Surely this defiant act towards a Wildlife Commission must make all of the Coalition membership very proud of their leader, Larry Johnson.


Larry acts like a spoiled brat. It’s my ball, play by my rules or I’m going home.


Ps. There will be a barbeque after the Eureka Wildlife Commission meeting in August hosted by Scott Raine. Larry, you are not invited.

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