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Good times are coming for the people who are concerned about the loss of our deer. The newly appointed Wildlife Commissioners have been told by Governor Jim Gibbons to bring back our deer. It won’t be easy nor will it be quick. Let’s review who was responsible for the loss of these deer and why it happened.


Published in HA Newsletter 33

“I sure appreciate your good work. We need to do full battle against these morons.” J.G., Las Vegas

“Thanks for your efforts!” A.S., Henderson

“Keep up the good work!” H.P., Moapa, J.H., Carson City, R.F., Las Vegas, V.E., Las Vegas, G.K., Las Vegas, D. & D. C., Reno

“Wildlife Commission sucks.” D.C., Reno

“Just read your Fall 2003 publication. I can’t believe my eyes!! I’m a 50 year Nevada resident; what can I do to help our cause?” K.I., Reno

“Keep up the good work” “NDOW director makes too much money. I also have been applying for Nevada elk 26 years and mountain goat 26 years. Something wrong with bonus point system.”  R.G., Hawthorne

“I am very angry with NDOW over the rancher in Mina named Bob Eddy. They (NDOW) should be cited for their illegal activities! NDOW has way too much authority and should be more regulated and better managed. Keep up the good work and please keep us informed on all their activities.” J.M., Fallon

Published in HA Newsletter 28
Monday, 02 January 2006 20:16

Terry Crawforth Letter

This letter was sent to Terry Crawforth and copies to Governor Kenny Guinn and Wildlife Commission Chairman Chris Mackenzie, all by certified mail.
If we get any responses, we will let you know in the next newsletter.

Published in HA Newsletter 29
Tuesday, 31 January 2006 04:57

It Happened That Way - Part 5

1949 to 2006
There are currently three men left from the original group of 1973 axis members who beat the NDOW drums of praise and accomplishment louder than ever before. One of them is the NDOW director, Terry Crawforth. Another is Jim Jeffress, a Wildlife Commissioner. And Dave Rice is their mouthpiece beating the tom toms for a “Land of abundant Wildlife” in unison with Reno Gazette Journal’s sympathetic reporters leaving the sportsman, cattleman, ranchers and woolgrowers woefully without representation and sorely out-maneuvered. Whether this triad today is willful or just convenient is one for conjecture but it most definitely was forged thirty five years ago by men who showed little respect for sportsmen then, anymore than they appear to today. Because of these and other NDOW men, Nevada sportsmen have painfully endured several media campaigns aimed at them from NDOW and lambasted by newspapers, especially the R.G.J. The first anti-sportsman campaign was thoroughly investigated and exposed by Nevada sportsman Ira Hansen in 1993 so there’s no need of rehashing it except to say three things. It revolved around propaganda fallacies by NDOW law enforcement with full knowledge of all three axis players and was designed to disparage the sportsmen of Nevada with outright lies printed on a regular basis in the R.G.J newspaper throughout the years of the 1980’s to the 1990’s.

Friday, 20 January 2006 01:26

It Happened That Way - Part 4

1949 to 2006

Cougar and Mule Deer Mismanagement. http://www.dfw.state.or.us/wildlife/cougar/

The Federal Government by means of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a vice grip stranglehold on the state of Nevada’s wildlife because of the 85% federally owned land in Nevada. They hold the purse strings to the money bag which equates to power. The federal political manipulation of this state has always been known in Nevada and in the area of wildlife this has been no exception. Beginning around 1960, a movement began toward protectionism in our country which was instigated by the U.S.F. & W.S. About this same time the feds conveniently discontinued the bounty system for predators on the west coast. This effectively dried up the much needed money to control predators in Nevada which in turn led the western states to seek other monetary means to control the ever persistent predator problem and consequently left the states even more at the mercy of the feds. The feds’ next move throughout the early 1960’s was to politically influence the western state legislatures to reclassify the mountain lion from a predator to a big game animal. This move is clear and unmistakable by anyone who reads the 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop of the Western States and Western Canada.

Monday, 09 January 2006 16:01

It Happened That Way - Part 3

1949 to 2006
One of the greatest mysteries and most closely guarded secrets in the Nevada Department of Fish and Game was to keep the world from knowing who was responsible for the most vicious predator on the North American continent being removed from a predator status and made a glorified big game animal. Who was this so-called eco- terrorist and his government agency? Was he the only one to blame? Was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency, involved? How was it kept a secret? Did the people involved have something to gain? How did this reclassification of a known and accepted predator by our entire nation for more than 200 years affect Nevada’s once famous mule deer herd? These questions and many more can be directly traced to the glorification of one of the most notorious predators known to man, the mountain lion and to the men who reclassified it.

Thursday, 05 January 2006 19:33

It Happened That Way - Part 2

1948 to 2006

The disunification of Nevada Sportsmen and Wildlife by the ruling body of ten biologists and game wardens reached its perfect zenith in 1973 by the formation of an axis of university diploma carrying men. These men were indoctrinated, predisposed well educated preservationists, protectionists and ecologists but not wildlife game managers as the unwary Nevada sportsman was to painfully find out over thirty three years of their mismanagement. The die was cast.

Tuesday, 03 January 2006 07:03

It Happened That Way - Part 1

1948 to 2006

Happy New Year and welcome to HUNTER‘S ALERT. As we said in the opening website caption, this is the start of something good. Something good for Nevada Sportsmen and Sportsmen nationwide, but not so good for all those who throughout their careers in Nevada Fish and Game have been making merchandise of you Nevada Sportsmen, the mule deer and a vicious predator, the mountain lion.

At various times over the past twenty years, I was a member of a county game board to manage wildlife. When I was not a member, I attended these meetings on a regular basis. At these meetings, it was always Nevada Department of Wildlife’s (NDOW) position that no one from a county game board, ranch, farm or a hunter knew anything about fish and game matters. This was in spite of the age of the individual or how many years experience they had pertaining to wildlife matters.

Published in HA Newsletter 31
Thursday, 28 October 2004 02:33

Deer, Predators, and Drought

An ongoing research project on the 3-Bar Wildlife Area near Roosevelt Lake is helping biologists to better understand--and to an extent redefine--the predator-prey relationship.

The study’s findings so far indicate that predators may have a more significant impact on deer populations than biologists previously thought. The prevailing biological belief is that habitat conditions are the primary controlling factor for deer populations, not predation. The long-term deer study at the 3-Bar is punching holes in parts of biological theory, and others.

Published in HA Newsletter 28
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